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Alaves, thanks to his excellent physical form, stopped the Betis team, which was sorely missing Isco. Without their beacon, Betic’s team is in poverty, no matter how hard Fekir tries to take command, he is still far from being in the best shape. Moreover, new players such as Fornals, Avila and Bakambu talk about their quality in detail. Only with these details and without much tension in a rather boring first half, Betis could not resist a good Alaves. A team that is involved in a lot of physical work and handles pressure very well. Another question is his offensive play, where he showed too many inaccuracies in his passes. Despite this, Alaves used a couple of very dangerous approaches in the final period of the match. A case in point is Rui Silva’s stop on Benavidez in the 91st minute, which prevents Betis from regaining sixth place in Europe, secured by Real Sociedad after beating Mallorca. Alaves, for its part, is breathing deeply, 11 points away from relegation.

Alaves took Betis’ measure. He knocked them out of the Copa del Rey and from the first minute of the match at Villamarina showed that Betis were not in for a good night. Luis Garcia’s side defended superbly against a Betis side who tend to speculate too much in their play. The Andalusians lack speed and excess, which is not well understood when the likes of Fornals, Abde, Fekir or Cimi Avila, who made his starting debut after being signed in the winter market by Betis, are on the field.

With a smooth rhythm, no outlets through the flanks and two too static midfielders, Cardoso and Roca, it is very difficult to surprise a team as organized as Alaves. The Basque team failed to create any danger in attack, and Samu was defended very well by Pezzella. The overweight Betis did not create any danger in the soporific first act. Only one shot from Abde caused Sivera some concern.

Betis improved in the second half. Finally his players dared to pass forward and change the pace. Sivera received the ball under the sticks from Miranda, and Gorosabel deflected the ball into the small penalty area after Cardoso’s shot. Avila helped his teammate by putting the ball under his feet in a quality move.

Alaves regrouped after two green and white chances. He had the courage to approach the Betic goal as Pellegrini fielded one striker after another. Bakambu almost made it 1-0. Also guest is Benavidez. A goalless draw reigned in a match that became lively in the second half but lacked the taste of a goal. At Betis due to lack of legs. At Alaves due to lack of talent.

“Bakambu can give us a lot. We will seek revenge on Thursday in Zagreb at the conference. We need more precision when refining. They are technically good and the result is on their side,” Pellegrini said. “I hope we always have all the players. We’re not going to discuss Isco’s importance in this team, but we are a group. Moments like this happen every season. The ball doesn’t want to go into the ball at the moment. “I can’t criticize the team too much today,” the green-white coach emphasized. “This is a good moment in a difficult area. “We are improving away from home,” he noted, for his part. Luis Garcia Plaza.

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