BetPlay Dimayor Women’s League: Equidad Seguros signed its elimination after falling against Llaneros FC by the minimum difference

Photo: Dimayor, Camila Russi dispute the ball in a melee force play, with Genesis Vegas

In the Metropolitano de Techo Stadium, Equidad received the visit of Llaneros FC in a game valid for date 15, the match ended with victory by the minimum difference in favor of “Las Llaneras”, Sandra Ibarguen was in charge of scoring the only goal of the meeting.

First time:

At the beginning of the first part of the match, both teams showed conditions on the field of play, where on several occasions it was seen that both teams disturbed the goal, but they had good performances from each of the goalkeepers, on the other hand the deflected shots were the cause of the goal not coming, ending the first half Ximena Llerena had the opportunity to open the scoring so that the ‘capital green‘ left with the result in favor of the dressing rooms, but the ball went wide, so at the end of the first half it ended goalless.

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Second time:

In the complementary stage, only nine minutes passed for the Llanero team to find a way to bypass the insurance team’s goal, and it was in a partnership play where Yessica Rodriguez assists her partner Sandra Ibarguen so that she manages to beat the goal of the goalkeeper Valentina González, time passed and the 90 regulation minutes ended, leaving Llaneros very close to the classification, for its part, Equidad Seguros signed its elimination after the poor results obtained in this campaign.

At the end of the date, Equidad Seguros occupies box 14 with 10 units, for its part, Llaneros FC is 5 with 21 points, on the following date The Insurers will visit Cortulua while Llaneros will travel to the Capital of the Republic, where they will face Millonarios FC in search of a result that puts him in the semifinals of the league.

Data sheet:

Equity Insurance:

Valentina Soto, María José Fuentes, Carolay Montaño, Danna Lambraño, Alejandra Hernández, Paola Sánchez (79′ Anlly Pavas), Genesis Vegas, Jackeline Fonseca (71′ Natalia Pastrana), María Martínez (58′ Diana Chaves), Genesis Flórez (79 ′ María Zamudio) and Ximena Llerena (79′ Marlli López).

Llaneros F.C.:

Geraldine Caballero, Angélica Núñez, María Gutiérrez, María López, Anyi Olarte (45′ Kaily Siso), María Leal, Susana Álvarez, Camila Russi, Karen Puertas (77′ Karen Tristancho), Yessica Rodríguez (61′ Gabriela Urueña) and Luisa Lara (45′ Sandra Ibarguen (82′ Leidy Cobos).


Sandra Ibarguen (54′).


Adriana Milena Granados


Roof Metropolitan


Equity Insurance VS Llaneros FC

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