Between Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy, blows of orbi fly!


The two actresses on the set of the Hulu series “Nine Perfect Strangers”

The series, in which the two actresses are the protagonists, follows the events of a group of strangers who find themselves at a ten-day retreat in a wellness center called “Mind and Body Total Transformation Retreat”, run by a sort of guru ( Nicole Kidman), who promises to heal the soul wounds of stressed men and women.

Recently interviewed Nicole said she had been in the past in similar retreats to the one presented in the series but that she stayed there only a few days because her husband Keith Urban “was not interested in staying”. He also admitted that he could go without a phone for a Sunday, but that he couldn’t give up his electronic devices for 10 whole days like the guests of “Nine Perfect Strangers”.

Nicole Kidman with super short hair shocks the fans

The new series is based on the book of the same name by the author of “Big Little Lies” Liane Moriarty and in the cast we also find Regina Hall (“Girls Trip”), Samara Weaving (“Ready Or Not”), Bobby Cannavale (“Thunder Force”) and Luke Evans (“Beauty And The Beast”).


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