Between Versailles, Venice and Saint Denis – Rihanna’s incredible 36th birthday.

When his name is Rihanna, his most famous son is celebrating his 36th birthday on a gondola in Venice in the company of his sharp-shooting sons, who are at the Château de Versailles to tour a new Dior commercial. À la fois simple et majestueux. This is the image of the American star in the finale. In fact, it opens on February 21st, in Ruculan at the boat pier on the Grand Canal, in March to visit the island of Murano in Italy. Semblant had a pleasant time, the young parents chained the French rigolades and baisers.

Quelques Jours Auparavant, on the occasion of St. Valentine, singer and rapper from America he accomplished on the scale of the French capital to profit from a dinner with chandelles au César, the restaurant QG des plus great celebrities from the planet. At the evening, Rihanna came out of the anniversary in her champagne color, when she was associated with high quality and a pouch in the main assortment, and also what was with us was very bad in the tone of brunettes for ten.


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Between hopes and disappointments…

The couple arrived from their son’s time in Paris to complete some professional projects on the course. In fact, 36-year-old Barbadien opens the door to a registration studio in Saint-Denis, a city on the Parisian outskirts. When he didn’t fall and then lit it up, fans are convinced that the artist is already on the train to record a new album. The inspiration fueled by the singer’s performance location at the Château de Versailles may be another theater of these clips, ont vite été anéantis.

In fact, Rihanna, the Dior of the new era, attends a commercial for the maison au sein du célèbre château. By rappelling, the superstar became the French brand’s first black woman in 2015. Shortly before this, Rihanna met again with the vulture, and then received an invitation as the honorary son of the Haute Couture catwalk during Fashion Week last January. Meme, when A$AP Rocky confirmed that the little girlfriend had prepared an entire new opus, he introduced Rihanna in other projects in private. Pourtant, alors qu’elle n’a plus devoilé le moindre album depuis “Anti” in 2016, elle demeure l’une des artists les plus écoutées dans le monde entier. What in.

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