Beware: there is a woman impersonating Selena Gomez for almost five years

Yes, we already know. You will be thinking that it is one of our fools without head or tail. Neither elbow nor ass. Not even knee, that knee is a basic. But you are wrong: there is a woman who has been pretending to be Selena Gomez for years, four and a half to be more exact, and we discovered it when the current Selena Gomez has given her last interview for Vogue. This is what he has commented and has set off all our alarms, including one from Prosegur that, frankly, gives us more headaches than prevents theft:

“I haven’t been on the internet in four and a half years. It has changed my life completely. I am happier. I am more present. It makes me connect with more people, feel more normal. An older woman with whom I am very close tells me the news.”

Effectively, Selena Gomez He hasn’t connected to the internet since 2017. Selena Gomez It doesn’t have a router. Selena Gomez is the White Dove of the Americans. And there is an old woman, whose identity she keeps secret, who tells her the news. In our minds, the shortest of Fifth Harmony takes him every day The country at the door, within her part-time as a newspaper delivery girl. Y Selena, every time he sees her walk away, he tells the cat «The old Chispas is leaving, and the press has left us to update us. You’ve read? Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedra goes to Survivors ».

This all makes perfect sense. Selena He has decided to disconnect and live life away from Wi-Fi and its sins, but then… Who is that lady who pretends to be her on social networks? And do not come to us with what Selena will have a community manager, because the fake Selena Gomez, who to not get involved we will start calling Celine Gomes, has even done direct through Instagram, like the one we leave you at the end of the post.

What does this lady whose resemblance to the real Selena is it downright impressive? Why do you scam people by pretending to be the singer of ‘A Year Without Rain’? Sure, the fact that Selena has actually been replaced by Celine Gomes explains a lot of things: like, for example, that snafu he threw with Camilo. The truly Selena I would have turned it down, but she’s laughing in the room at this week’s Isidore cartoon. She hasn’t even found out. She nor she will, until ally brooke go to your living room for a cup of tea in the middle of the day and tell you the percale. Come on, he’s going to freak out.

Because Celine Gomes he has been supplanting her for so long that he even receives his winnings now. Rare Beauty? The truly Selena she has no idea about this, for her the contouring It is an oil technique. Sure, it went offline before it was cool. In fact, rumors say that he doesn’t even buy online. That to avoid it, she has opened a Lidl in her basement. And she has put austin mahon cashier to give him a job.

you will see when Selena Gomez open the box of thunder: what about avril lavigne died and they put Melissa instead it will come to nothing. her twin Celine Gomes you will pay dearly.

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