Beyoncé announces Cécred Sortie, a line of products for Cheveux.

An American singer made a foray one morning into this new brand, after which I received a cryptic message about it.

A new entrepreneurial adventure for Beyoncé. The American superstar announced on March 6 the launch of a line of baby products for newly baptized Cécred, which will be available on February 20. Translator Break my soul Don’t say for sure that this will be a global foray or exclusively American.

“Les Cheveux Sont Sacres”, authored by the singer on Instagram, in the legend of the best videos, commercials and films, family sons.

The official website is the best. A photo of Blue Ivy, her 12-year-old girl, on a train with her beautiful hairdresser has surfaced online. Find information about the nature of the product range for instant release.

Une première cryptique l’an dernier

This official announcement was attended by Beyoncé fans, who know that the 42-year-old pop star is preparing a project, the authors of which will be her late daughters.

Singer madly in love Avait Alors posted a message on Instagram: “Combien d’entre vous saviez que mon premier travail a été de balayer les cheveux dans le salon de ma mère?”, avait elle écrit.

“J’étais aux premières loges pour confirme que la manière dont nous nourrissons et célébrons les cheveux peut avoir un direct influence on me”, poursuivait-elle. “I miss the transmeter, son of the legacy, and I hate what you can do to get the experience you’re preparing.”

Cécred – jeu de mot mêlant le “cé” de Beyoncé et le terme anglais “sacred” (“sacred”, in French) – s’ajoute à la liste de marques créées par Beyonce, après les lignes de vêtements House of Deréon et Ivy Park.

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