Beyonce reunites with Lady Gaga and it’s an impressive feat!

A superb feat by Beyoncé! A renaissance party with electronic albums and songs… most of all left for Lady Gaga’s encore.

Beyoncé’s revival continues with lui apporter des Records! Alors que l’artiste a fait sense au Bresil il ya quelques semaines, El wind de passerby and symbolic cap…and it starts with Lady Gaga’s abuser. MCETV vous en dit plus!

Full face-to-face

Car il ya quelques semaines, Queen B encore at the mountain le pouvoir d’attraction qu’elle pouvait avoir. Alors that are film Renaissance cardboard box, it is scattered in the quinzaine de pays en plus… ce qui finit même par Faire Crasher Son website on the Internet !

Impressive at this moment the star entertains Insta. Now in 2023 he will be able to offer his fans the latest surprises. Alors qu’elle I haven’t seen the country for 10 yearsBeyonce also came as a surprise to her Brazilian fans. Great point.

Même si elle n’y reste pas très longtemps, la chanteuse fait sense. Les photos parlent d’ailleurs d’elles memes. At the Ainsi retrospective on stage, facing the fans lying on the ground. And how everyone reigns, who respects, the star births are draped: the cells of Brazil.

Cet incroyable buzz fait ainsi souffler le vent de la Renaissance Juscuo Bresil. More Release the soufflé and then leave it for a minute.… This allows Beyoncé to go through a symbolic stage: 52 weeks on Billboard 100.

Overall it didn’t make waves on the Billboard 100, but it was mostly electro-dance music. More than 52 weeks, now you say a whole year: voila. even this Renaissance trust tete du classement. And même plus, after the lesson on America.

Beyoncé on tiers

Actually, Renaissance He spent 52 weeks on the Billboard electro-pop album. More than 52 weeks in a row. The album temporarily lost first place before the reprondration. And this is not a plus lacher pour passer un joli cap à Nouvel an.

Exactly 57 weeks after departure, Renaissance Celebration in the 52nd week tête-à-tête. Sauf, what Beyoncé continues to encore the record. And because another artist who knows how to set a record… is difficult at the fair. Voir is impossible.

Lady Gaga, with her song telephone in 2009, in fact, Glory, August 19, 2008 Premiere of the album Sur Son at Retrouve des Tubes Iconiques Comme. Pokerface, Paparazzi OU Just dance. De quoi en faire is a mythical album…

And electro-dance albums on the Billboard 100 follow Lady Gaga’s track. Car l’artiste n’a pasé “seulement” 52 weeks en mode tête des ventes et des écoutes. Glory in fact I kept the pendant in the prime spot for 175 weeks!

Encore une fois, il ne s’agit pas de semaines consecutives. More things Lady Gaga has seen son’s album passer plus de trois en tête… And that Beyoncé does not give up when I prepare for battle, my son is a friend and rival.

I hope he continues to promote from Renaissance, Queen B can be used to grab plus sections. De quoi consolider sa double place… Do you see Lady Gaga’s cell phone? Answer in 122 weeks, see more!

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