Biden assured that Pakistan’s attacks show that Iran is “not particularly liked” in the region.

The White House is monitoring the situation “very closely” and expresses that it does not want to see an increase in tensions.

Madrid, 19 (Europa Press)

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, assured this Thursday that the recent attacks between Iran and Pakistan against alleged terrorist groups show that Tehran is “not particularly liked” in the region.

Asked by reporters about tensions in the region following these incidents, the US President said in statements made at the White House, “As you can see, Iran is not particularly liked in the region.”

For his part, the White House National Security Spokesman, John Kirby, has assured that they are monitoring the situation “very closely” and has expressed that they do not want to see an increase in tensions in Central and South Asia.

“Everyone has seen reports that Pakistan has fired some missiles at Iran. We are keeping a very close eye on this. We clearly do not want to see an escalation in South Asia, South and Central Asia. We are in touch ” “As expected, our Pakistani counterparts,” Kirby told the media.

Iran attacked a terrorist group’s positions in Baluchistan province on Tuesday, killing two children, and Pakistan responded with similar bombings this Thursday against other militants in the region of Sistan and Baluchistan, which Pakistani troops bordering the province, and those who fled left at least nine dead, four of them children.

While Tehran has summoned the Pakistani charge d’affaires to seek an explanation, Islamabad summoned its ambassador for consultations and threatened not to allow the Iranian diplomatic envoy, who was out of Pakistan at the time, to re-enter.

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