Biden says US will ‘respond’ after drone attack on US forces in Jordan

Biden assured that the US would “respond” to the drone strike in northeastern Jordan, which he blamed on Iran-backed militias and which killed three US soldiers. The CIA held a multilateral meeting in Paris with the intelligence services of Israel, Egypt, and Qatar.


President of the United States, Joe BidenIsrael said on Sunday that the United States would “respond” after an overnight drone strike in northeastern Jordan killed three American soldiers and injured dozens of others. Biden blames Iran-backed militias for first US deaths after months of attacks Such groups have attacked US forces throughout the Middle East since the beginning of the war in Gaza.

Biden, who was traveling South Carolina (USA) asked for a moment of silence during a speech in the banquet hall of a Baptist church. “We had a tough day in the Middle East last night. “We lost three brave men in an attack on one of our bases,” he said. After a moment of silence, Biden added, “And we will respond.”

With the growing threat of military escalation in the region, the US is trying to identify the specific group responsible for the attack, although it would One of several Iranian-backed groupsAccording to the first American assessment.

Biden said in a statement that the United States “will hold all those responsible We are held accountable for what we do when and how we choose, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said, “We will take all necessary steps to protect the United States, our troops, and our interests.”

Israel launches attacks on Lebanon and various intelligence services hold a multilateral meeting in Paris

for its part, israel launched a new series of air strikes and artillery bombardments against lebanon, The Israeli military reported that its forces attacked several “terrorist infrastructure objects” belonging to the Shia group Hezbollah, confirming the deaths of at least three of its members.

While Biden asked for “answers”, the head of CongressBill Burns held a multilateral meeting with officials in Paris on Sunday intelligence services Of israel, egypt And Taste, Just before the meeting, senior Biden administration officials cited by the AP “talked about a potential deal that would be developed two stageWomen, elderly and injured hostages would be released “in a first phase that will last 30 days”, although hardly any details have emerged about the CIA-mediated talks.

In parallel, several groups in Israel are planning the integration of the changes. post war period, in Jerusalem on Sunday conference Collect thousands of participants, who called for a return to Jewish settlements in Gaza and the northern West Bank. According to Ariel Sharon’s “unilateral withdrawal” plan, all settlements in the Gaza Strip were abandoned in 2005.

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