Bigard Magazine Convicted of Leaking Photos

Par Francois R.

Bigard Magazine published candid photos of Jennifer Lawrence. Trencher’s windy justice!

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

IN 2014, Jennifer Lawrencelike other stars of American show business, she became a victim of “Fappening” So yeah a leak Lots of private photos. Disclosure of many new clichés, voire carrément intimes, some of the people, the attackers who are on the network. And especially pornographic sites. The power of the Internet is the creation of copies that make all these photographs impossible to be completely and completely suppressed. In 2021 Bigard Magazinemagazine Surfant Surfant Sur l’Image Graveleuse de L’Humoriste Frenchais Jean-Marie BigardI have published some nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence on these pages. February 2024: Justice is served and Bigard Magazine is damaged.

Jennifer Lawrence’s victim Fappening

In 2014 Alors au Sommet de sa Gloire with the saga The Hunger Games In the movies, Jennifer Lawrence responded to the massive upheaval with a one-on-one. De nombreuses photos intimes, exposing notamment état d’ivresse et nudité frontale, sont leaks Sur Internet lors d’un hacking called Fappening. She is not the only victim of this crime. Vanessa Hudgens, in order not to talk about the stars and other idols of young people in the era, you get access to private photos on various porn sites. Jennifer Lawrence, Elle, 2021, encores after falling off screen cyber harassment and etc. photos of new encore is visible on the Internet. 2021 is the annual issues or some of these photographs that were published in France by Bigard magazine.

“The Heartbeats of Jean-Marie Bigard”

Bigard Magazine is a press title that is familiar with the images of the best humorist Jean-Marie Bigard. Un Magazine Plus or moins à la Gloire de Son of humor gras et ras-les-pâquerettes qui a fait les beaux jours de l’humour franchouillard dans les années 90. In 2021, ledit magazine published five photographs of Jennifer Lawrence in her columns. A Fappening in French in a section called “Les coups de cœur, Jean-Marie Bigard” On the other hand, in France, in the names of kiosks and newspaper sellers, this issue can be found with small dozens of J-Law photographs. Ou carrément nue. Aux Etats-Unis, the hacker responsible for leaking these photos, has been sentenced to prison. 2024, Bigard Magazine tombe lui-aussi sous le coup de la Sanction.

Bigard Magazine encore condamné par la Justice

In 2021, Jennifer Lawrence will become the editor of Bigard Magazine in 20,000 euros damage and interests. This year, in 2024, the director of the magazine’s publication, Jean-Christophe Florentin, was convicted of paying 10,000 euros for moral damages. In addition, the correctional court of Créteil sentenced the management of the publication to 8000 euros To avoid famous photographs being scattered. L’Avocat de Jean-Christophe Florentin a indiqué à l’AFP that the publishing house of Bigard Magazine, Medialide, please appeal this decision. Jennifer Lawrence’s encore victory in a dirty business Fappening. And the republication of these private photographs in Bigard Magazine.

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