Biker Boys, a 100% biker movie starring Tom Hardy, is doing well in theaters.

“The Bikers” will arrive in cinemas in France on June 19 after screening a film in which the world of motorcycles is omnipresent, in particular the mobile phones of North American gangs of the 1960s.

Nostalgia over the years 60-70 He was a chance for the kingdom in the realization film “New Film” Jeff Nichols. “Cicycle Racers” this is a long meter on the topic de la motorbike, and plus clarification on the history of gangs in North America. 100% motorcycle, according to the famous “Hell’s Angels” – they believe that immediately after the Second World War and the rallies of veterans and bandits there is an eternally rival gang. The abstract is quite simple:

In a city bar, Katie, a young woman with an energetic temperament, Croise Benny, who has joined a gang of motorcycle vandals, and tombe aussitôt sous soncharme. À l’image du pas tout entier, le Gang, Dirigé par l’énigmatique Johnny, évolue Peu à Peu… Alors que les motards Accueillaient Tous ceux qui avaient du Mal à Trouver leur Place dans la Société, les Vandals deviennent une Bande de Voious without Vergon. Benny chose Katie and her loyal friends in this gang. »

Zhu steam Austin Butler and etc. Jodie Comer, Benny and Katie vont donc devoir faire face this era of freedom and solidarity, as well as the brutality and crime of the motard gangs. “Vandal Forest”, directed by Johnny, role of Teeoh hardycelebrity for his role I in the universe Marvel, Vont-ils prendre le pas sur leur amour?

The scene that came to mind

If the film does not reflect a certain aspect of reality, it inspires another book with photography called “Bicycle Racers”, published in 1967 pair Danny Lyon If you have a role in a film, on the other hand, you can find the film you find. L’histoire Comporte all de Même un Vrai Lien Historique, le Gang des Vandals était et reste encore aujourd’hui un des rivaux des Mythiques Hells Angels.

Sans l’avoir vu, nous ne pouvons pas juger de la Qualité du Film, au delà du fait que le scénario tempt sur une feuille de Cigarette. Now the motorcycle has a special Harley-Davidson brand and plays an important role. The lead actors, Austin Butler and Tom Hardy, pull off most of the action scenes without the double pilot, and they all feel just like the Lifetime memes; Is there a criterion for role disclosure? For lovers of perfect skins and free episodes, the film will leave it simple, waiting for Hollywood to darken in bypass habits: surreal suite scenes, incoherent motorcycle soundtracks, etc.

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