Bilbao man becomes millionaire with Euromillions

Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 10:27 pm.

New millionaire in Vizcaya. The EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 16 January took place in Bilbao. The ticket with the winning code XGP83187 was stamped at the Ledesma administration, located at 16 Ledesma Street. This is not the first time this place has celebrated the award.

In turn, the winning combination for Tuesday’s EuroMillions lottery was 10, 18, 21, 33 and 45. The stars were 08 and 12.

The lottery administration on Ledesma Street continues to celebrate. In December, the company awarded the fifth prize of $5.3 million in its latest Christmas lottery. And what’s more, in 2022 he gave away the second prize and Gordo in 2018.

This prank once again brings smiles to the territory of Vizcaya. And last May, “Million” also played in Plenzia, and a few months later, on August 8, the code for the same draw was confirmed in Bilbao, namely in the administration no. 45, located on Via Amboto in the capital of Vizcaya.

This draw was also carried out in other parts of the Basque Country. On November 17, in Llodio (Alava), a person confirmed the winning ticket using the winning code. It was in the administration of Loterias number 1, located at Virgen del Carmen, 1.

How to play EuroMillions?

A simple EuroMillions bet consists of selecting five numbers from a first table of fifty numbers (1 to 50) and two stars from another table of twelve numbers (1 to 12). You can also place multiple bets, thereby multiplying your chances of winning a prize, being able to choose a maximum of 10 numbers and 5 stars.

To play EuroMillions on a multi system, you must check/or a box indicating the number of predictions marked in the star matrix or table, keep in mind that in this case these predictions must be marked exclusively in block 1.

In addition, after the latest changes to the rules, each bet will be assigned a code to enter the corresponding game called El Millón, with which you can win up to one million euros.

Price Euromillions

A bet is considered to be a combination of seven predictions formulated in a block consisting of five numbers from a table or matrix of numbers plus two stars from a table or matrix of stars.

The bet price is set at €2.20 or the equivalent in legal tender for citizens residing in countries to which participating lottery operators belong outside the euro area.

To this price is added the amount of €0.30 for the corresponding must-play game called El Millón, for a total EuroMillions bet value of €2.50.

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