Bill Gates tested positive for covid-19

The creator of Microsoft, Bill Gatesannounced this Tuesday, May 10, 2022, that it has covid-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms.

Experts have recommended isolate until your health improves completely. The billionaire and computer scientist also said that he is lucky to be vaccinated with the booster dose and have access to tests and excellent medical care.

He added that the Gates Foundation has a meeting planned for this Tuesday. Due to his health, he will be present via Teams, a platform frequently used for remote meetings, video calls and video conferences.

He ended his post by saying, “We will continue to work with partners and do everything we can to make sure none of us have to deal with a pandemic“.

The pandemic continues and the United States is the country with the most confirmed cases of coronavirus. Until May 9, 2022, according to official figures there are around 81,973,661 infected people, including Bill Gates.

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