Billie Eilish raises questions about her son’s coming out –

Billie Eilish expresses annoyance on her face when asked about her coming out: “Arrêtez de me harceler avec ça.”

She was satisfied with the Instagram suite in the style of “spreading the passage to the interview” Diversity » où elle évoque son comes out.

An intimate revelation of Billie Eilish’s sexual desire

Billie Eilish Check out the women in the Nov. 13 interview with Variety. She said: ” Je n’ai never encountered the impression of my child’s ID. I target them as people and they are more attractive as people. I am deeply invested in the women of my life, the friends of my life, the family of my life. Elles m’attirent’s physique. But I am also thrice frightened by their beauty and presence.

Billie Eilish: Clarification of son’s sexual orientation at ‘Hitmakers’ evening

Billie Eilish attended Variety’s “HitMakers” gala, where she received the top prize for “What I Was Made For” Barbie. A magazine reporter who asks questions in an interview on November 13 or leaves them to the attention of women. Elle lui demands that it be an outspoken lesbian. Billie Eilish answered without detours: “ N’était-ce pas évident? Je n’avais pas compris que les gens ne le savaient pas. Je n’y crois tout simply pas vraiment. Je dis me simply: “Pourquoi ne pouvons-nous pas simply exists” ? Je fais ça depuis longtemps et je n’en ai tout simply pas parlé »

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