Black humor floods social networks

Whereas The Snow Society has completed its landing on Netflix and has entered awards season, predicting its appearance at the 2024 Oscars, the film directed by JA Bayona has become An unexpected viral phenomenon on social networks through a series of memes Which exploits the best of black humour.

Based on the novel by Pablo Virsi, The Snow Society describes The real accident that happened in the Andes in 1972, Following the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 carrying 40 passengers and 5 crew members, most of them Old Christian rugby team member16 of them survived outside for 72 days before being rescued.

He cannibalism with the bodies of the dead This was always one of the aspects that attracted the most attention The main goal of these memes, However, these jokes have divided the audience between those who consider them bad and those who cannot stop laughing at them.

Best Memes From ‘The Snow Society’

Many montages were made actually using a frame They live! (1993)where we look Ethan Hawke In Frank Marshall’s film he is crouching next to one of his comrades. A sequence that Internet users took advantage of to make jokes about Bayona’s new film and even some members of the cast shared it on their social networks.

Many other memes were played by actors such as simon hempe ,two pops, Who lost weight up to 24 kg To star as the character Jose Luis ‘Coche’ Inciarte. A montage that joked about people who were able to lose weight and then were among the first to die in a crash in the film. This is not the case with Inciarte, who died in 2023 and even made a cameo in the film.

JA Bayona’s film has reached Netflix in just 10 days 51 million views and number 1 in 93 countries, becoming one of the ten most watched non-English speaking films in the history of the platform.

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