Blake Shelton said he is ready to return to “The Voice” under one condition

Fans wanted Blake Shelton to return to Voice since he left. And the country singer heard all your requests and said that he would return. However, he will return only on one condition.

Shelton wants to get the band back together. The singer hosted a reunion season in which he reunited with the other original coaches from the first season. Original coaches included Shelton, CeeLo Green, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine. Shelton floated the idea in a recent interview.

“If they could ever get the original four coaches back together, maybe (I would come back) for one season, a one-off,” he told ET. “It would be fun for me… I would be interested in doing it.”

Otherwise, fans probably shouldn’t hope for the singer’s return. He explained: “I miss people. I mean these people have become like family to me, literally from the crew to the producers of the show. I was with them more than my family… I miss that.” However, he doesn’t really miss coaching the show or the job itself.

Blake Shelton on leaving ‘The Voice’

Shelton explained that he felt burned out.

“I needed a break from it because if I wasn’t passionate about it, it wouldn’t be of benefit to those on my team. I don’t want to be the one who just does the best I can. These artists need someone who fights.” for them,” he said. “The second I started thinking, ‘Oh my god, I don’t even remember what season it is. Who are the coaches this season?’ (I knew it) I needed to (get) out of here.”

Shelton previously explained why he was withdrawing from the music competition. He needed time to spend time with his family and get his life back.

“I think becoming a stepfather has changed my perspective: I’m not the first person I think about anymore,” he said. Access to Hollywood in January 2023. “Even in small things, when you say, ‘I think I’ll do this,’ the next thought is always, ‘Well, wait a minute. How will this work? Or: “What will they think?” Or, “How will this affect the schedule?”

“I think the only way to do it right is to not be on something like The Voice, which requires a lot of your time,” he continued. “There’s no way around it. If you’re going to do this and do it right, you have to be 150 percent. And I just feel like those days are behind me. I have more important work to do.”

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