Bolsonaro praised Musk and apologized to coup plotters after his fine for spreading rumors was confirmed.

Former President of Brazil jair bolsonaro This Sunday, in front of thousands of people, he praised the ownership rights regarding the 2022 elections. has once again defended the apology For those involved in the attack on democratic institutions on January 8, 2023.

According to Europa Press, during his speech at a demonstration held in Rio de Janeiro, Bolsonaro has asked to applaud for MuskWhom he considers “a man who has the courage to show where our democracy is going”, the great man called de Moraes a “dictator” after the Supreme Court launched an investigation against him for obstruction of justice. In terms of words.

Bolsonaro also referred to a series of email exchanges with unconfirmed authenticity in which Pressure from Brazilian officials According to the Brazilian news portal UOL, gaining access to confidential data within the framework of an investigation into “digital militias” spreading fake news.

In this sense, the former president has accused the government by maintaining that “he did not like Bolsonaro being in power for four years, this is why “Started working against freedom of expression”,

Brazil’s Supreme Court confirms fine against Bolsonaro

Brazil's Supreme Court rejects Bolsonaro's request for the return of his passport

Brazil’s Supreme Court rejects Bolsonaro’s request for the return of his passport

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In addition, the Brazilian Supreme Court this Sunday confirmed the decision of the Supreme Electoral Superior (TSE) to punish former President Bolsonaro. Pay 70,000 reais (12,500 euros) for spreading rumors With his opponent, current Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, during the election campaign.

Bolsonaro’s legal team appealed to the Supreme Court Agência Brasil reported that an attempt will be made to annul the TSE’s decision, which recognized the illegality of the action against Lula’s campaign.

former president submits A fine of more than 250,000 reais (just over 46,000 euros) For his attacks on the electoral system during 2022. At least one of them has been paid, although his lawyers have appealed, despite the fact that none of the claims are expected to be successful. Refusing to comply with these sanctions, some of the Brazilian former president’s bank accounts were seized, causing him to request loans and donations from his followers and associates.

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