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Check the winning numbers for the Bonoloto draw. The draw took place on Thursday, January 18, 2024, Bonoloto winning combination:

Bonoloto Result Thursday, January 18, 2024

Up for grabs BonoLoto On January 18, 2024, the winning combination corresponded to the following numbers:

25 – 26 – 32 – 33 – 44 – 45 Additionally: C(29) Refund: P(4)

How to play the Bonoloto lottery?

Bonoloto one of It’s easier to play lotteries. Just go to the administration State lotteries of the more than 10,000 that exist in Spain and fill out the ticket or do it online. The mechanics of this lottery is to select a number in each column from 1 to 49. The goal is clear: collect a winning combination which determine 6 balls out of 49 which are removed from the drum.

How much does Bonoloto cost?

Every 6 number bet a person makes has cost 0.50?However, the payout is less than 1? is impossible, so it is absolutely necessary to place at least two bets. So it will add up to 1? and now it can be done.

What prizes does Bonoloto have?

Bonoloto draw distributes 55% of the total collection for prizes each draw as follows:

  • 45% for four categories of awards minus the amount corresponding to the prizes of the fifth category (3 hits), the fixed prize of which is 4?.
  • 10% on the return of the prize fund. This prize is awarded when the number that It turns out that the refund on the ticket we play coincides with the dropped ball. in the drawing for this prize. It is important to remember that this number is not chosen by the player, but is assigned directly by the system when confirming the bet either in the administration or via the Internet.

Bonoloto has the following categories for prize distribution:

  • First category (6 successes): 45% is distributed equally among those who match six numbers of the winning combination in one bet.
  • Second category (hits 5+C): 24% is distributed equally among those who match five numbers of the winning combination and an additional number in one bet. Along with the six numbers that make up the winning combination, a seventh is drawn, called the “Extra”, designed to offer a prize to those who match 5 numbers and also correctly guess that number, this is the “5+ Extra” prize.
  • Third category (5 successes): 12% is distributed equally among those who match five winning combination numbers in one bet.
  • Fourth category (4 successes): 19% is distributed equally among those who match four numbers of the winning combination in one bet.
  • Fifth category (3 successes): fixed prize of 4 euros.

If there is no 1st category winner in the draw, the fund allocated for that category will increase to the same category fund in the next draw.

If there is no 2nd or 3rd place winner in the drawing, the fund allocated for them will increase to the amount of the 3rd or 4th place respectively. If there is also no fourth winner, the accumulated prize will increase the 1st category prize of the next drawing.

When is the Bonoloto draw held?

You have two ways to participate Bonoloto draw which always happens at 21:30:

  • daily: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you place your bet before the drawing closes, you will be able to find out on the same day whether you have won. On the other hand, if you do this on Sunday, you should know that you will be playing on Monday and therefore will be in that draw. The same thing happens when you validate your ticket after the drawing, as you will start playing the next day.
  • Weekly: You will be entered into all draws from Monday to Saturday with the same combination. The rules for when you enter the giveaway are the same as for the magazine.

What is Bonoloto?

On February 28, 1988 took place first draw in history which at that time was called “Bono Lotto” and was a subscription to four drawings from Sunday to Wednesday. Then, The bet price was only 25 pesetas. and the subscription cost 100 pesetas. You can participate with either two subscription bids for 200 pesetas or seven subscription bids for 700 pesetas.

The original idea was to create alternative modality Primitiva which can be played daily, but with price for lower bid compared to other lotteries. The Administration itself considers him the “little sister” of Primitiva.

Interesting facts about the Bonoloto draw

Did you know that in December 2018 it was delivered the largest prize ever awarded in history Bonoloto draw with a prize of 7,694,920 euros? But there are more important dates that may strike you: from the moment of his birth, It took several months to distribute the 1st category prize (6 views). with a total of 604 million pesetas won by one winner in Valladolid. However, it was not until November 18 of the following year that the first prize was awarded, which exceeded one billion pesetas and which also went to the city of Iscar in Valladolid.

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