Bonucci mocks Milan but Juve betrays him

Leonardo Bonucci, as revealed in All or Nothing, became the protagonist of a strong speech at the interval of Juve-Milan that did not produce the desired results.

Often and gladly in All or Nothing, the docu-series that tells the 2020-2021 season of the Juventus, was immortalized Leonardo Bonucci struggling with motivational speeches during the bianconeri matches. The Prime Video cameras showed the number 19 intent on encouraging his comrades with “sermons”, even very colorful ones. In addition to that at the interval of the match then sensationally lost against Benevento, he also discussed the encore on the occasion of Juventus-Milan.

Pirlo’s team was played with that of Pioli heavy points for the Champions League (fresh from the disappointment for the flop with Porto) and after the first half they found themselves under a goal. Dark looks and discouragement in the locker room of Allianz Stadium for Juventus, with the coach who tried to push the pride of his team: “We still have 45 ‘. We have to give everything we have. We have the changes. We give everything we have to win. We have to be positive. Come on. We have to have faith in ourselves to help each other. When we make mistakes we immediately go into aggression. Now you can see the players and the men. “

To give him a hand with much more decisive tones, two senators both on the bench, namely Buffon and Bonucci, thought of it. The goalkeeper asked the team to bring out the attributes: “We do not begin to cry for himself eh! After we cry! Now we don’t feel sorry for ourselves. Now they bring out the cog **** i. On the same wavelength the former great defender of the match who points to the blackboard, where there are the names of all 22 players on the field and belittles Pioli’s team: “Let’s look at this shit on the blackboard, are we afraid of Milan? It can’t be, we have to play with our heads free! It’s a difficult moment but a free head helps to get the legs going. “

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Unfortunately for him, however, things did not go very well on his return to the field for Juventus, who collected two more goals from Milan in the second half. And these background turned out to be a boomerang for Bonucci who collected a series of teasing on social media by the Rossoneri fans, who still have a tooth poisoned with him for his return to Juventus after just one season.

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