Brad Pitt reveals that he only got sober after the divorce from Angelina Jolie – 04/08/2022 – Celebrities

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Actor Brad Pitt, 58, made several revelations in a recent interview. One of them was his problem with alcohol. The heartthrob said that he only got sober after his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2016, when he sought help from Alcoholics Anonymous. Brad attended the project for a year and a half. “It had a really nice bunch of men and it was pretty private and selective, so it was safe,” he admitted.

Brad admitted that he kept his participation in the group a secret out of fear of possible exposure about addiction. “I’ve seen other people who had been recorded while they were opening up and that’s just atrocious for me. Having your privacy exposed,” he acknowledged, who also quit smoking.

“I don’t have this ability to only smoke one or two a day”, points out Brad, who since the end of the pandemic has used nicotine bullets to satisfy the urge to smoke. He also explained the reason for the total radicalism in cutting cigarettes: “It’s not in my DNA. I go in with everything. And I drop everything. BRL 213.4 million).

He also admitted to GQ magazine that he faced a long “mild depression”. “I think joy has been a new discovery later in life. I was always moving with the current, floating in one direction, then another. I think I spent years with mild depression, and it wasn’t until I made peace with this, trying to accept all the parts of my self – the beautiful and the ugly – that I managed to understand the moments of joy”, he said.

Brad Pitt also highlighted that he is looking for meaning in his life. “Here in California, there’s a lot of this talk of ‘being your authentic self’. It tormented me; what does ‘authentic’ mean? For me it was recognizing those deep scars that we carry”, observed the heartthrob who did not hide being used to loneliness . “I’ve always felt very alone in my life and it was until recently that I really got a greater welcome from my friends and family.”

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