“Bravo!”, “Respect!”… Lola Dewaere makes a radical decision, she receives the support of her fans…and of Michel Denisot!

Lola Dewaere, the star ofAstrid and Raphaëlle, the France 2 series, has just taken a radical decision on Instagram to be able to “refocus”.

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In August, the actress Lola Dewaere, interpreter of Raphaëlle, the cop all fire all flame, in Astrid and Raphaëlle, the France 2 series, has not stopped posting on his Instagram account followed by more than 43,500 subscribers. On vacation with her ex in Mexico, she got angry after sexist remarks on her chest in a swimsuit and then she again responded with sarcasm and a cliché in a swimsuit to these sexist remarks from Internet users. Back in Paris, she revealed her weight loss in a “very short” skirt and the secrets of her metamorphosis. Exceeded, Lola Dewaere had then opened her cupboards to prove that she was not on a diet. She continued by humorously reframing Internet users. This week, she had published her primary class photo. Currently filming season 4 ofAstrid and Raphaëlle, Lola Dewaere broke some bad news to her fans: she needs a break from Instagram.

“Need to refocus”

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“I disconnect from social networks for a while”, wrote Lola Dewaere in the caption of a black and white photo. “Need to refocus.“And to add, not without humour:”if I last 3 days, it will already be good, congratulations! See you soon!”. The daughter of Patrick Dewaere concludes: “Thanks for all your support. And I’ll come back for you, I promise!” While many Internet users have supported his decision, throwing him “Cheer !” and “Respect”host Michel Denisot replied “Good detox“.

Lola Dewaere filming

Sara Mortensen and Lola Dewaere have therefore returned to the studios in the Paris region (and until December 6) to shoot the next episodes ofAstrid and Raphaëlle, whose investigations still promise to be damn mysterious. Murder in an airplane cabin in mid-flight, victim who passes the weapon twice to the left, game of Machiavellian chess… Astrid and Raphaëlle will have enough to tear their hair out! Will they be able to focus on these puzzles while they are turned upside down in their personal lives too? Increasingly close to Tetsuo (Kengo Saïto), Astrid will have to get to know her half-brother: a very intrusive 7-year-old boy she has just learned of. As for Raphaëlle, a third party will interfere in her already very complicated relationship with Nicolas (Benoît Michel). On the guest side, Tom Villa, Stomy Bugsy, Jean-Baptiste Guégan, Hélène Médigue will also be there.

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