Brazil is battling dengue fever door to door, with more than 700,000 cases reported in two months.

Brasilia, February 22 (EFE), (Images: Alex Mirhan). – In the midst of its worst peak in years, Brazil is tackling dengue fever door-to-door with fumigation and public awareness campaigns aimed at ending the disease. to the country’s number one enemy: the Aedes aegypti mosquito. There have been 715,000 cases and 135 deaths across Brazil this year, according to the Health Ministry’s latest balance sheet, with another 481 deaths that may have been linked to the disease under investigation. SUPPORT FOR THE CAMPAIGN AND FUMIGATION AGAINST MONEY EK. STATEMENTS: JUA FERNANDEZ, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SUPERVISION AGENT, BRAZIL: “This is a residual effect. We have taken measures twice to eliminate mosquitoes that circulate and transmit dengue to residents” EDNA SILVA COUTU, HOUSEWIFE: “This was the last one, my niece MATEUS FERNANDEZ, TRANSPORT APP DRIVER: “I started to have a high fever, severe pain in the body, head and stomach , and I went to the first aid station. I took the test and it came out positive.” “Now let’s rest, drink plenty of fluids, serum, hydrate enough…” JOELSON DOS SANTOS NUNES, CHILDREN’S SCHOOL DIRECTOR: “You get there and it’s so much… It’s very intense, attention is not a priority and it’s done very quickly “

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