Break up? Megan Fox and MGK’s Rick Owens say otherwise

It once seemed like you couldn’t scroll through Instagram without seeing Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly kissing on a city sidewalk or talking about drinking each other’s blood as part of their twin bond. You know, normal paired things.

Fox and MGK then disappeared for most of 2023 after reports of relationship problems.

But it appears the rumors were greatly exaggerated, if photos of the couple shopping in Aspen on New Year’s Eve are any indication. A couple who’s working together… well, maybe not breaking up just yet.

Fox, still rocking her bright red bob, wore a black leather coat with matching pants, a Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton polka-dot crossbody bag and Rick Owens high-top sneakers. MGK wore matching black with a Gucci puffer jacket and Rick Owens leather wide-leg cargo pants.

There’s a bit of a mismatch going on here—LV vs. Gucci, Rick Owens shoes vs. Rick Owens pants—but the vibe is comparable, so it works, in a way. It’s definitely not the most chaotic couple outfit (or Rick Owens look) they’ve worn, so credit goes to MGK (Fox, meanwhile, is always on top).

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Along with MGK’s daughter Casey, the couple tried to avoid photographers by covering their faces with their hands as they wandered around the city.

There was none of their usual excessive PDA or antics – it just seemed like a really nice, relaxed family outing.

MGK and Fox later took Casey to the Aspen Nas New Year’s Eve concert, where Megan wore the same black coat she wore while shopping and MGK wore a fur jacket.

On New Year’s Day, the duo went out for coffee and looked friendly while wearing sweatpants to welcome 2024.

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This is a good sign for the couple. As recently as December 2023, anonymous sources reported that MGK and Fox had “another big fight” and were heading into the holiday season on-again, off-again.

Rumors of a split surfaced in early 2023, so it seemed possible that the couple’s final split could still be imminent.

You may not believe everything you read, but you can make any guess based on the picture.

And MGK and Fox’s matching outfits with Rick Owens certainly look like a good sign, don’t they?

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