BREAST CANCER | Radiologists say new saliva test fails to make early diagnosis

Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM) and its thoracic department (SEDIM) have issued a position regarding the publication of an article in a scientific journal Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, O new early detection system breast cancer in which this type of tumor is found in just five seconds from very small saliva samples and at a price of five euros. The scientific community notes that “it is not true that this system is more accurate than mammography or that it allows early detection of breast cancer.

Experts clarify that this is an experimental study involving 21 patients, during which the instrument is able to detect two biomarkers of breast cancer in saliva. “These types of markers are useful for monitor for established disease when there is a high tumor burden and it is more likely that a specific cancer biomarker can be detected in the fluids in the form of blood plasma or saliva“, the scientific society points out.

High sensitivity

“In no case, according to the available scientific data, should the detection of biomarkers in liquids be considered in a screening and prevention scenarion secondary, requiring high sensitivity and specificity for detecting breast cancer at a subclinical stage, before symptoms appear“, they add.

They say mammography is the only test backed by multiple clinical trials that has been shown to reduce mortality from the disease.

Currently “the only tool for early diagnosis of breast cancer in women at risk” breast cancer – mammographyconfirmed by numerous clinical studies that have shown that it reduces mortality“Because of illness,” they conclude.

saliva sample

Designed by researchers from the University of Florida in the USA and National Taiwan UniversityThe new palm-sized, portable device, called SERAM, has already proven effective in detecting biomarkers of this type of tumor in women. From a small saliva sample, the researchers said.

Except, They claim it’s low costbecause he uses available components that are hospitals from around the world, such as glucose test strips and Hardware And software It’s open source. Xiao Xuan Wangone of the researchers who led this project, assures that The “appliance” is a great choice because it is portable and reusable. Testing time is less than five seconds per sample, which makes it very effective.”

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