Britney Spears has no rumors of a new album, and she has seen the industry’s underbelly.

Britney Spears is spreading rumors about a new album and participating in a “non-return to the music industry.”

In a message from Mercredi on Instagram, the singer says that if she writes chansons, she writes “for pleasure, or for other people.” She confirmed that it was written, plus songs for other artists in the last two years. It is written as pre-plume and as jouté qu’elle préférait cela ainsi. In a social media post, she said she disagreed with what was happening on the tour “des gens au asard pour faire un nouvel album.”

This isn’t the premiere when Britney Spears signals that she’s giving up sorting her own music. In July 2021, when he was delighted with grief, the celebrity who controlled life, son silver and voice pendant under 14, son of the eldest long date, Larry Rudolph, detached, claiming that he Wait until you stop the car ride .

Immediately after this book plus was released later this year, it was announced on Instagram that it was available to the music world and that it was not a gesture of defiance towards the family. The following year saw the release of “Hold Me Closer”, a collaboration with Elton John, which spent 20 weeks at the Billboard Awards, finishing at No. 6. The latest announcement, “Mind Your Business,” is a collaboration with, both of which are spot-on and currently charting on the Billboard charts.

Britney Spears’ last full-length album, Glory, was released in 2016. In the message, Merced Spears also wrote that “loin de la vérité” que son autobiographye à succès de 2023, “The Woman In Me”, this was published without approval.

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