Brussels gives approval to electric vehicle charging company for Honda, BMW and Ford | Companies

On Tuesday, the European Commission gave the go-ahead to an alliance between Honda, BMW and Ford to create a company providing electric vehicle charging services, EP reported. The company, called ChargeScape, was announced in October with the goal of offering a service that would allow customers to optimize the charging costs of their vehicles. The platform will allow the user to know when it is cheaper to charge or also send the energy stored in his battery to the network through bi-directional charging technology, thanks to which it will connect users, car and energy companies with each other.

“ChargeScape will offer electric vehicle customers economic benefits through network services, making it easier for them to reduce their personal carbon footprint, promote grid stability and maximize the use of renewable energy,” Ford, Honda and BMW said in an October statement. in which they also highlighted that energy companies would benefit from “gaining access to battery power from a large fleet of electric vehicles.” Brussels believed that the operation would not have a negative impact on the European economic space.

“Sustainability is one of the axes of the present and the future, and, well aware of this, the company will contribute to the decarbonization of the grid using electricity from renewable energy sources,” emphasized the three automotive companies that will participate in ChargeScape in equal parts. Customers who don’t have Wi-Fi charging stations will also be able to use the company’s services as it will offer charging programming controlled through the car’s connection.

“This will help electric vehicle customers who do not use smart chargers at home as they would otherwise be unable to access these services. Last but not least, this will end the need for custom integration between each car brand and electric companies,” Ford, Honda and BMW said. The first countries in which he will work will be the United States and Canada, where he will arrive early this year.

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