BTS’s V reveals that he is in love with Lily Collins and everyone is jealous

Recently during the premiere of the second season of Emily in Paris, Lily Collins shared a story while listening to Dynamite from btsARMY got excited as they know for a fact that this made V very excited because the idol is in love with the Golden Globe nominated actress.

For the inexperienced, let’s refresh your memory by traveling to 2018. In two separate interviews, for Access Hollywood and E! News, v he had revealed that Lily was his favorite Hollywood actress and his biggest crush. While for fans, receiving a response from his favorite celebrities is a memorable moment, it’s the same for Taehyung as well.

Although one of his best friends, also an actor Choi Woo Shikhas already dated Lily Colins in a work environment and they worked together on a Netflix film project sharing scenes.

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And to make upset kim taehyungChoi Woo Shik always looks for the opportunity to show off in front of the “Sweet Night” who has interacted in person with the British-American actress. Although V still does not lose hope of being able to meet Lily and share a sweet moment.

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