Buenos Aires and four other provinces remain on red alert due to extreme temperatures

The SMN predicts extreme temperatures in the cities of La Pampa, Río Negro, Neuquén, Mendoza and Buenos Aires (Telam).

In its most recent update, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) has raised its “red alert” due to high temperatures. bulk temperatureis in the places of La Pampa, Rio Negro, Neuquén, Mendoza and Buenos Aires. Similarly, it issued an “orange and yellow” level warning for the country’s central region, from San Juan to Chubut.

Areas affected by red alert include cities such as Chiclayo and Pulén in the west of the Pampas; Confluence, Anelo, Pehuenches and Picu Leufu, east of Neuquén; and El Cuy and General Roca north of the Rio Negro.

High temperature warning has been repeated in the north-east of MendozaWhich includes cities such as Las Heras, La Paz, Laval, San Martín and Santa Rosa, as well as south of Buenos Aires along the coastal strip.

Forecasts suggest temperatures will reach 37 degrees In San Martín (Mendoza), 38 degrees in General Roca (Rio Negro) and 37 degrees in Picun Lefu (Neuquén), maximum 35 degrees in Pulen (La Pampa).

Map of heat wave across the country (SMN)

The temperature is also expected to rise up to 37 degrees off the coast of Bahía Blanca, Villarino and Monte HermosoAs well as 34 degrees in Coronel Dorrego in Buenos Aires province.

In-spite of this, smn high temperature ranking San Antonio Oeste and Vidama, Rio Negro (where they reached 40 degrees) recorded temperatures of 37.4 degrees and 35.8 degrees, respectively.

In addition, 26.8 degrees are forecast in Puerto Madryn (Chubut) and 26.2 degrees in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. from there, Barring red alert areas, the maximum temperature in the rest of the country will remain at or below 23 degrees.

smn maintained itOrange alert for southeast and center of Mendoza, southwest of Neuquén, most of Rio Negro and west of Chubut, As well as the rest of Mendoza, the Neuquén mountain range, Río Negro, La Pampa and a large part of San Luis, south of San Juan, east of Córdoba and south of Buenos Aires are under yellow level warning.

This Sunday, the maximum temperature in AMBA will be 31 degrees (Maximiliano Luna)

it sunday It is accompanied by partly cloudy skies, easterly north-easterly winds and high temperatures over the city of Buenos Aires and surrounding areas. 31 degreesSMN reported.

He monday At the beginning of the week, the day is likely to be partly cloudy and the minimum temperature will be 23 degrees. Maximum 33.

He Tuesday Similar weather conditions are expected and the minimum temperature will remain at 23 degrees Celsius. max 34, On Wednesday, both the points will increase by one degree, while Thursday and Fridaywill climb maximum 36 degrees.

In view of these high temperatures, the Health Ministry advises Increase water intake without waiting until you feel thirstyAvoid excessive sun exposure, especially between 10 am and 4 pm, pay special attention to infants, children and the elderly, and avoid consuming caffeine, alcohol or drinks with high sugar content.

Similarly, it is advisable to avoid large meals, consume vegetables and fruits, reduce physical activity, wear light, light-coloured clothes, wear a hat and sunglasses, stay in well-ventilated or air-conditioned spaces and remember That no one should be like this. Medicinal treatments against heat strokes, traditional methods are the only ones capable of preventing and counteracting them.

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