Bugatti Chiron vs Kawasaki Ninja vs Ducati Panigale: which is faster?

It doesn’t even have a real life application, that’s true. Especially if you take into account that the vast majority of us will never own or even test a Bugatti Chiron SS.. However, it is always interesting to compare who can cover the quarter mile the fastest. In this case Bugatti beast collided with two brutal superbikes Kawasaki and Ducati: Ninja and Panigail.

Three of the fastest cars in the world

These three cars could well be included in the list of the fastest in the world. As for motorcycles, they are difficult to beat in such a short distance due to their excellent acceleration ability, lightness and very high power-to-weight ratio.

Of course, andhe’s a Bugatti Chiron from another world and a worthy competitor. So worthy that it’s better to see the result yourself.

Ducati Panigale SP2 vs Kawasaki Ninja H2R

While it’s true that, being motorcycles, the Ducati and Kawasaki’s engine can’t compete with the power of a Bugatti, it’s equally true that its cubic centimeter displacement is similar to that of most of the cars we review. seen on the street, with a strength higher than most. The difference is that on these motorcycles, other than the engine, there are very few elements that have significant weight.

In both cases we find a four-cylinder engine. Kawasaki Ninja H2R It is equipped with a 1000 cc engine with equivalent power about 315 hp. no less and with a torque of 165 Nm.. Ducati Panigale SP2 It has a motor 1100 cubic centimeters power about 219 hpwith a torque of 124 Nm.

As you saw in the video, there is real competition between these two motorcycles because the Bugatti is unbeatable. Although in favor of the two motorcycles it must be said that during the tests it rained a little, which could have had a slightly greater impact on the traction of the two-wheeled vehicles.

Bugatti Chiron Noir Glossy Bugatti Chiron Noir Glossy

Bugatti Chiron SS with 1600 hp

He Bugatti Chiron SS This is one of the most advanced cars in the world of cars. His strength reaches 1600 hp, with an engine torque of 1600 Nm. It’s true that it weighs around two tons, but that’s not enough to be outclassed by Kawasaki or Ducati. In fact, it is capableexceed 400 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h in 5.8 seconds..

Your engine W16 with 16 cylinders arranged in a W shape.they control nothing more than 8 liters of fuel. And if that wasn’t enough, 4 turbines They are responsible for the transfer Maximum speed above 7000.

This is a monster. An unattainable monster, but a monster.

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