Buses detained for traveling at high speed on Caracas highways

A bus filled with people wearing protective masks passes through a checkpoint following the start of a quarantine in response to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Caracas, Venezuela. Reuters/Manoure Quintero

Officials of the National Land Transportation Institute detained two units that were driving irresponsibly on the highways of Caracas.


in a case, They detained a driver who was speeding on the Caracas-La Guerra highwayDue to which the lives of passengers are being put at risk.

They also detained a bus He was driving with the doors open and at a speed exceeding his limits on the Gran Cacique Guaicaipuro HighwayDue to which the safety of passengers was at risk.

,In a clear action between the INTT and the OSC, a complaint made on social networks is resolved, the driver and the repeat public transportation unit are detained for traveling irresponsibly at excessive speed on the Caracas-La Guerra highway Is.“, the organization expressed through the social network X (formerly Twitter).

These actions are part of coordinated work between the authorities and control bodies to punish violations that threaten the integrity of public transport users in the capital.

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