“BZRP Music Session #53” and other revenge songs

Since last week, Shakira has been on everyone’s lips, after the release of her most recent song entitled “BZRP Music Session #53”, which she recorded in collaboration with the Argentine Bizarrap.

While some defend the Colombian for the way in which she deals with her separation from the father of her children – the Catalan soccer player Gerard Piqué – through the lyrics of the song, there are others who have found the way in which the who has made a catharsis about their relationship, criticizing the composition, since it explicitly alludes to the former Barça player and his most recent conquest, the 23-year-old Clara Chía.

This is not the first time that the singer has found herself in the eye of the hurricane for the lyrics of her songs. Although now she dedicates a song of heartbreak and spite to Piqué, at the beginning of their relationship it was the opposite, as she wrote several love lyrics for him, such as “Loca”, “I fell in love” or “23”.

Anyway, Shakira has not left anyone indifferent and these days it has become a worldwide trend.

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Shakira. Photo: YouTube

“Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

Last week who also made her return to music was Miley Cyrus, who just for the birthday of her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, released the song “Flowers”.

As if she had agreed with Shakira, Miley used her music to throw a few darts at her ex-partner, as revenge, through the lyrics of the song in which you can read phrases like: “I didn’t want to leave you, I did not want to lie, I began to cry, but then I remembered. I can buy flowers.”

Another significant phrase is the one that says: “I can love myself better than you can”, making it clear that the wounds of the past have healed.

Liam and Miley formed one of the most popular youth couples in the entertainment medium. They had an on-off relationship for nearly a decade, during which time they got engaged and broke up. Then came the reconciliation and the wedding, in 2018. For the following year, they filed for divorce.

Miley Cyrus. Photo: YouTube

“29” by Demi Lovato

In August of last year, Demi Lovato returned to the music scene with the album Holy Fvck, from which the song “29” emerges. Since the melody was leaked, the followers of the exactriz of Disney concluded that it was dedicated to Wilmer Valderrama, who was Lovato’s partner when she was 17 years old and he was 29.

Lovato opens up about the courtship she had with the film and television actor, which she describes as more of a more paternal relationship than a love affair.

“I thought it was a teenage dream, just a fantasy. But was it yours or mine? Seventeen, twenty-nine,” Demi sings in the song.

Directly, Demi also refers to Wilmer’s new partner, who also, it turns out, is much younger than him -as it happened to her-, for which she describes him as a “tremendous collector”, insinuating that he likes girlfriends much younger in age than he is.

“Yes, you are 12 years older than her. Maybe that doesn’t matter now, but I understand it fucking better, now because I’m finally 29”.

Miley Cyrus. Photo: YouTube

“Drivers license”, by Olivia Rodrigo

In January 2021 Olivia Rodrigo launched “Driver’s license”. Since her debut, she has been at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 ranking.

The letter did not go unnoticed, especially among Rodrigo’s followers, who immediately related it to the courtship that the young woman had with her co-star Joshua Basset. The two met while filming High school musical: the musical: the series.

According to the media, the couple ended due to Covid-19, when the quarantine was implemented practically throughout the world and immediate confinement was forced. Joshua immediately found refuge with fellow actress Sabrina Carpenter, with whom he began a relationship.

For Olivia it represented a great blow, so, as a catharsis, she wrote the song dedicating a few lines to her ex and her new partner.

Olivia Rodrigo. Photo: YouTube

“When you’re gone”, Shawn Mendes

Men also dedicate songs and do not deny it, such is the case of Shawn Mendes, who publicly confessed that his success “When you’re gone” was inspired by his separation from singer Camila Cabello.

They maintained a relationship for two years, until November 2021, when both announced that, by mutual agreement, they were ending their courtship.

“We have decided to end our romantic relationship, but our love for each other as humans is stronger than ever,” the two shared on their social networks.

They both took separate personal and professional paths. Each focused entirely on their respective musical careers.

During the duel of the separation, Shawn released “When you’re gone”, a song that, he revealed, was written after ending his relationship with Cabello.

Shawn Mendes. Photo: YouTube

“Forgiven Myself” by Sam Smith

The Briton has used music as a means to share his state of mind. Almost all of his records and songs reflect the moment in which he finds himself, and his sentimental situation.

Sam Smith has confessed on more than one occasion that one or more of the lyrics in his music are inspired by his relationships, love affairs and breakups, as expressed in the song “Forgiven myself” from the album Love goes.

As stated in an interview, the melody was born after ending the relationship with the young actor Brandon Flynn, who rose to fame by participating in the Netflix series 13 reasons why.

Both celebrities maintained a courtship of less than a year, but apparently it was intense and very significant for the English singer, because in the lyrics he hints that the absence of the young interpreter hurts him.

“Do you think of me when you’re alone in California? It’s a lonely place at the best of times, God knows, I won’t lie to you, I could have given you more, but life has sped up, good things don’t last anymore. From time to time you cross my mind, it takes me back to a sweeter time, but I let it go, I let you go ”, reads the beginning of the lyrics of Smith’s song.

When the two ended their courtship, Sam deleted all the images he had with Brandon from social networks. Since then, Smith has been single, to date.

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