Cagliari, Joao Pedro: “Eighth year here. Me in front of Neymar? What a pride!”


The rossoblù bomber ended the season with 16 goals, more than all the Brazilians in Europe. the future? “If today I can think of staying in Cagliari for life it means that I did something important”

by our correspondent PEJO (Trento)

Eighth year in Cagliari. A flag. The only news is that Joao Pedro, captain and bomber of Cagliari in the last two seasons, is increasingly sympathetic, always finds the joke and is even sicker than the NBA (“cheering Suns”): “Eight years are many because today’s football is different from that of then. These relationships thus no longer exist. I made them eight years playing all the time. My father from Brazil compliments me because, as a football fan, seeing me always in the same team is happy. I found my balance in the right team.” He ended another season scoring 16 goals, more than all the Brazilians in Europe, Neymar, Firmino and Richarlison: “This makes me proud, putting myself together with the strongest in Brazil is something great. Despite not being in a top team like them. Cagliari plays a different league. But they are many goals and being in front of them makes me happy”. He does not speak, however, of renewal for life: “Talking about the future is difficult. It’s part of the game, of football. If today I can think of staying in Cagliari for life it means that I have done something important”. But he does not officially complain about earning lower figures than some of his companions: “There is little to say, Godin and Nainggolan have made an important career, so for them it is right so”.

The new Cagliari

“It is a group that has changed little, but it has changed a lot in mentality. the mentality must be another and it shows. Strootman,is strong, you see that he understands football and playing with the strong ones is what we all want. Pavoletti and I both start again well, we hope to finish at our best, even physically. I don’t set myself limits. The coach Semplici arrived in a very complicated moment, he has great merits, starting again with him is taste. It gives us so much enthusiasm, and the desire to start from where we finished. As a captain I have to manage well, but here it is facie because it is a dressing room made of excellent guys. It is not for me to talk about the market. Godin and Nandez know that it is part of the game to be put on the market, I’ve been there too. if Dalbert arrives it is a good thing, he is an important player who can give us a big hand, we need people who help us”.


Brazil and Italy

Your Brazil has not yet considered it. “I saw the first half of the final, then it was so late… But Argentina is very strong. I do mine then if Tite is looking at me I can’t say. The team did well, took few goals. I miss Brazil I didn’t go home anymore, mine didn’t see my children, I’m sorry.” But now he is also very Italian and you can understand it when he talks about the European: “For Italy I cheered a lot. Toloi I met him later, Jorginho and Emerson I know them well, Jorginh champion, the best in the world in his role”. Joao Pedro, on the other hand, has no role problems: “I did a bit of everything, in modern football he can’t afford to do a single role. I’m happy to iocare as always, nothing has changed for me”. Closing on the scourge of racism: “It’s still complicated to talk about it. Only those who have been there know how bad it is. All this for a game. We will fight to the end because it is something that must end”.


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