Call of Duty MW3: Season 2 will include 3 maps for 6v6 play and more content

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will soon introduce Season 2 and to warm up the engines, Activision has brought up the content we’ll see. Details in this post!

Soldiers, get ready for a new batch Aktivizhn! The company responsible for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (currently under supervision Microsoft) published the news in advance for free what the popular ones will get shooter soon Season 2which will start with the following Wednesday, February 7. In this post, we’ll take a look at the new cards, stories, and collaborations that are coming.

Our way with Call of Duty MW3 begin with 3 new cardswhich were designed to allow users to compete in games 6 by 6 and you can see in detail through trailer representative who published COD. First of all we saw Cache (small size), modern house full of rooms and open spaces at the rear of the property; then it will be Departures (medium to large size) which is essentially a deserted airport and View (medium size), colorful complex/museum located in Brazil.

Besides, MV3 will remaster maps Das House, options For Airborne and Skidgrow and introduction Operation Tin Woodmana special large area where you can enjoy War Mode. Following a branch Game modes, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 you will receive a section Snipers onlythat is, only sniper rifles will be available; Ordapointwhich will unite the undead hordes and some elite qualities and Command gun fire, in simple words a team weapons race (everything will be included with launch Season 2).

On the other side, Aktivizhn planned content for Average season. It includes mode Jaggermoshwhere you will test your skills in handling exclusively heavy artillery or rewardwhich will consist of eliminating enemies until a score is reached and the leader of the room is marked as Valuable goal and will give extra points.

The news continues ninja vest, a new vest with special abilities or privilege V attacks close combat be silent and throw weapons. In addition, it has 3 places for equipment style tactical, lethal and field enhancement together with others 3 equipment slots For gloves, boots and gears and opportunity reduce the sound of footsteps, immunity to movement slow and additional damage with shuriken or throw knives (they recharge automatically after 25 seconds).

Finally, Season 2 will add new story For fans belonging one playera completely new addition to Dark Ether against. undead and challenge Warlod: Keres, a proposal that will determine how well you can perform missions to infiltrate, execute, and evade unnecessary problems. As an addition, section operators/cooperation They are waiting to arrive Shells from Rick Grimes And Michonne (The walking Dead) and participation Dune 2 With Harkonnen Tracer Kit and subsequent event Rule of fate. What do you think about the content Season 2 For Call of Duty MW3?

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