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Dario Ojeda

An unusual situation occurred at the Mallorca – Rayo Vallecano match: the referee sent off the local team doctor for protesting. Munuera Montero showed a straight red card to Adolfo Muñoz Macho, a Mallorcan medical worker.. But can the team be left without its doctor? Is there a risk?

This is how the protocol records the removal of Muñoz Macho: “In the 44th minute (…) he was sent off for the following reason: for leave my technical area to the area where my assistant referee No. 1 allegedly protested against one of my decisions“.

This situation is provided for by football rules. Rules of the game International Football Association Council (IFAB), the body that regulates football rules around the world, stipulates that a dropped doctor can remain on the bench if there is no other one on the team. In fact, Javier Aguirre’s staff doctor remained on the bench.

“If a doctor who is a member of the coaching staff commits an offense punishable by suspension, may remain if the team has no other doctor available, and intervene if the player requires medical attention“, includes Rule 5.3, which deals with the duties and functions of a referee.

He Disciplinary Code of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. (RFEF) is more specific and stipulates that the ejected medic will have to leave the bench but will be able to continue to watch the game nearby in case he has to intervene.

“Those who will be expelled They must go to the locker rooms without being able to watch the game from the stands or anywhere in the stadium.. Failure to comply with the above obligation will result in a penalty of one to three games of suspension with an additional monetary fine,” states Article 121.3.

The same article continues, with the exception of medical workers. “An exception to the obligation established in the previous paragraph are doctors, ATS or physiotherapists of competing teams who, Although they will not be able to continue to sit on the bench, they will be able to continue to observe and provide their services when required by the referee.. This is without prejudice to the sanctions that the disciplinary body may impose for the violation committed.”

Sanctions for direct exclusion are tougher for doctors than for football players. The latter receive a penalty of at least one game suspension, “unless the action constitutes a more serious violation,” while the former receive a penalty of at least four games.

Dario Ojeda

Dario Ojeda is the Relay Data Coordinator. He started at Canarias7 and devoted most of his career to sports journalism at El Confidencial.

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