Cancer researcher Marisol Soengas reveals she has a tumor

Cancer researcher Marisol Soengas reveals she has a tumorFDV

Galician Marisol Soengas (Agolada, 1968), head of the melanoma group of the National Center for Cancer Research (CNIO) and renowned researcher of this type of cancer, announced this Monday that it had been discovered breast tumor.

“Cancer has been at the center of my professional career and now it is also part of my personal life,” he wrote on his social media. Also the president Spanish Association for Cancer Research (Aseica)She explained that she had a breast tumor, but she would face it. “with energy, with confidence in science and with gratitude to the great team” who is treating her?

In a short message, Soengas took the opportunity to declare R&D “What advances knowledge about cancer, and that the results of this study arrive early and fairly people with cancer.

Following this first post, the researcher posted a second text to thank him for “so many messages of encouragement and support.” “I I’m deeply excited and full of energy there is still treatment to be done. For all people with cancer: #MasInvestigacionMasVida.”


Marisol Soengas, who started her career in A Coruña andbiologist specializing in microbiology from the Autonomous University of Madrid., was a postdoctoral fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (New York) in 1997, specializing in the analysis of cell death mechanisms. She trained with scientist Margarita Salas in her laboratory at the Center for Molecular Biology of Severo Ochoa and worked at the University of Michigan from 2002 to 2008, after which she returned to Spain to become Director of the Melanoma Group of the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO)focusing on skin cancer and melanomas.

In 2017, the team he led achieved a major milestone in the development of bioluminescent mice called MetAlert, which were the first to visualize tumor pathways. For this discovery they were recognized Biomedical Research of the Year 2017 scientific journal Nature. Also in Cell, Cancer Cell, Science, Natural Cell Biology or Natural Communications.

In addition, through the company Bioncotech Therapeutics, founded by Soengas, a study with the first patient was approved in 2018. He has also received numerous awards during his career in cancer research. Xunta gave him Maria Josefa Vonenburger Planels Prize in 2009 and in 2017, at the World Melanoma Congress held in Brisbane, Australia, she was awarded the Melanoma Research Society’s annual Estela Medrano Memorial Award as one of the most influential investigators in her research.

She was also awarded the Executive Award 2017 by the Association of Galician Executives and theConstantes and Vitales Prize for “Best Biomedical Research”. In 2018 he received Certificates of Merit from the Spanish Association of Scientists and in 2021 the 2021 Carmen and Severo Ochoa Prize for Research in Molecular Biology.

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