Canelo Álvarez, the boxer who has the luxury of thinking about movies when he is not at his best level

Saúl Canelo Álvarez said he would like to appear in a Vikings movie.  (Photo: Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images)

Saúl Canelo Álvarez said that he would like to appear in a Viking movie. (Photo: Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images)

The life of Saul Cinnamon alvarez it is a constant ambivalence. On the one hand, he is a boxer who has made history in Mexico and the world; on the other he is a tycoon trying to be a celebrity. He continues to fight to gain a place in public recognition from other ways than boxing; It must not be forgotten that his latest performances in the ring have not been the most stimulating, on the contrary, they could be classified as disappointments.

But it doesn’t matter, Álvarez has his objectives well outlined: stay in boxing for 5 or 6 more years, continue with his investments, and even appear in a movie like David Beckham did at the time, who has stood out more as a businessman than he did in his years as a footballer. Could it be that he wants to follow in his footsteps? Distraction or not, the man from Guadalajara has many more things on his mind, not just fights.

Saúl assured that his forte is not acting, but he does not rule out appearing in a movie. He even explained that he is already preparing a documentary of a part of his life. Experience has, do not forget that he appeared in the promotional trailer for the movie “Creed III”.

“Although you should never say never. Maybe I would like to have a participation like the one Beckham had in the movie he made; something about Vikings or Romans wouldn’t be bad”.

“We are making a documentary so that people find out everything that is behind it, because, obviously, people see you and think it is easy… What I am going for is that I want people to see beyond the boxer, to see what is behind a fight, how one prepares… And no, it is not easy”, he pointed out in an interview for G.Q..

Canelo has proven to be one of the best boxers in the world, but apparently he has plans in mind away from the ring.  (Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

Canelo has proven to be one of the best boxers in the world, but apparently he has plans in mind away from the ring. (Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

These statements set forth the objectives of the Cinnamon Alvarez. Yes, he plans to continue his boxing career, but It seems that he is “distracted” with situations outside the ringas if he had entered a comfort zone and did not care about his most recent past.

Although it would be foolish to question his professionalism, since he has proven to be legendary material, he still has things to prove. He is still not the best Mexican boxer of all time, and his last fights keep him from that label, they were bad (each one due to different situations). At the moment he is not up to the dream of becoming a Hollywood superstarAt least not if he wants to be number one in boxing today.

The 32-year-old Mexican could pay more attention to his sporting moment and not to his plans after retirement, today he is big, tomorrow who knows. His most recent fights, against Dmitry Bivol Y Gennady GolovkinThey have not met expectations.

Dmitry Bivol tipped himó  a painful defeat to Saúl in the light heavyweight category.  (Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images)

Dmitry Bivol handed Saúl a painful defeat in the light heavyweight category. (Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images)

The penultimate fight of the Guadalajara was against the Russian monarch of the light heavyweights, Dmitry Bivol. It was agreed for May 7, 2022; the Cinnamon he arrived with mental superiority, he had established himself on top of the world; in fact, he became the first Mexican to be a champion in 4 different divisions: super welterweight, middleweight, super middleweight and light heavyweight.

Despite the merits, the second defeat reached the Mexican’s record. He couldn’t do anything in the ring, just hold the Russian. His attempts to harm the opponent were useless. It was shown that even Álvarez himself has limits and deficiencies that he has to work on.

In his most recent fight, the one that completed the trilogy against Gennady Golovkin, also disappointed a sector of fans. Expectations were high: the previous matches had been full of emotion, Saúl had to get out of the rut he was in after losing to Bivol, and people wanted to see “their champion” back. He won, but he did it without emotion.

The match was heavily criticized for the “warm” position of both fighters. david faitelsonjournalist from ESPN manifested in their social networks: “They would have left us with the pleasant memories of the first two fights… Golovkin has come out to avoid being knocked out and “Canelo” has lacked resources…”

Since that fight against the Kasajo, in September of last year, it could be seen that Cinnamon he wasn’t willing to take a chance—in any sense—he was comfortable with a fearful Golovkin. He did nothing to finish it before.

Álvarez had a discreet performance in his úlast fight against

Álvarez had a discreet performance in his last fight against “GGG”. (Photo: Erik Verduzco/Las Vegas Review-Journal/Getty Images)

We all know the capabilities of the Jalisco, he has beaten world champions and has gone against the current. But legends don’t slow down, on the contrary, they always want to go faster and break new records., especially when they go through moments of adversity. Saúl Álvarez is not at the best level and, apparently, he does not maintain the flight that the greatest get used to, he has trodden the earth and prefers to trot in other directions.

In the same interview with G.Q. he was asked if he would like to appear on the famous millionaire show, shark tank. And her answer was clear, she could take a break to participate.

“I have never thought about it, because I don’t have the time. Normally, I fight twice a year, so I’m training for eight months. But I think it would be amazing if he gave me a break to be able to do it… Yes, it would be cool“, said Cinnamon.

Álvarez is one of the best Mexican boxers that have ever existed and no one can deny it. However, his present does not respond to such a label. At 32 years old, he is at one of the highest points of his sports career, but he prefers to take a break to think about movies, investments, or television shows. After all, he has earned it.


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