Cardi B and NYX Professional Makeup are ready to debut a new “Duck Plump” pendant…at the Super Bowl!

Professional makeup accessible to everyone is what we have been offering from the NYX Professional Makeup brand since 1999! And to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the American cosmetics brand is offering all of its premiere advertising…to the Super Bowl! L’enseigne ne fait pas les chooses à moitié puisqu’elle and decided to skimp on a world star to set up in this place where the great dream took place.

It’s Cardi B, Grammy Award-winning singer and big fan of NYX Professional Makeup, who is the best choice to enjoy égéries during the phenomenal pub campaign seasons.

“NYX Professional Makeup is a post-lyceum brand, it is dedicated to this equipment in this country, it is special to me. NYX Professional Makeup is toujours eu les meilleurs produits, aux prix les plus, available, etc. so that I can use encore aujourd’hui. Nous avons pris beaucoup de plaisir à realiser thiste publicité extravagant and gay, and I hate what the world of decoration advertises.” I stated to Cardi B that she was a sensation in a commercial that was a break with the traditional dominance of the football industry, among men, among companies-powerful women on the premiere line.

In the video, which takes a humorous look at the scenario of masculine stereotypes, Cardi B introduces the brand’s latest viral product, its newest repellent polish, Duck Plump. Note the new Duck Plump dyes that appear in devoilée, the beginning of the “Cherry Spice” nuance that Cardi B only wears in advertising. Meeting on February 11, 2024 to reveal the integrity of the pub during the Super Bowl!

Gloss Reulpant Duck Plump, available in 18 shades – NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP – €11.95.

Elizabeth Sall

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