Cardi B has no conflicts

La Rappeuse Prefère se battre dans la vraie vie…

Even though there are clashes between artists in the rap game, Cardi B is retiring from fighting. La Rappeuse Américaine announced the end of the controversy. Pour autant, elle est pête à en découdre dans la vraie vie si quelqu’un la cherche.

In 2024, Cardi B will finally return to her solo career. The “I Like It” interpreter has released two new singles, “Like What” and “Enough”, an amorous, perhaps, release of a new album. Three current media Chain of revelations and après avoir devoiré sa luck, desormais sur les clashes dans le rap games. Spoiler: an American rapper at sea and in horror is a completely different process. “I’m done with arguing. If you want to see me, he can strike me down. I only serve the courts, but I don’t know what the problem is with me, (…) he can fight against meannounce Cardi B live X Spaces. “I can’t go back to Instagram, social media, CDs, etc.”

Fatigue from toujours passer pour la mechante dans les histoires, elle poursuit: “If I import a cause or an offense, I will work as a master. Mais vous devez tous me laisser quietle. Laisse-moi quietle. “I was not arrogant in my achievements”. After more than two years in her career, the last thing I said was that Cardi B was named after her clashes with Nicki Minaj.. “Je lui ai parlé deux fois auparavant et nous sommes arrivés à un act.” “Mais elle a continué”, sorry. Receipt, she is also confident in the event featuring avec Rihanna : “I love Rihanna’s music. But I don’t like music, I think.” announce Cardi B.

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