Carlos Alcaraz wins in Australia and registers his name in the round of 16 of the big four.

Carlos Alcaraz – top player and therefore at tournaments, especially at the most important ones, it becomes less and more. He and his team decided that he would not participate in any official tournament until the Australian Open.

It cost him the first round against Richard Gasquet, he did better in the second against Lorenzo Sonego, and he definitely exploded this Saturday in his third match against Juncheng Shang.

The Murcian beat the Chinese visitor with a score of 6-1, 6-2, 1-0 and retired due to injury at 1 hour 6 minutes.

I eat at a Spanish restaurant every day and draw strength from there.

Carlos Alcaraz

Shang did not look like the tennis player who reached the semi-finals in Hong Kong. and he earned one of the invitations to the Open main draw as he was considered one of the most promising Asian giants.

Only 14 points were scored in the first set., which only served to avoid the blushing donut. Alcaraz, for yourself, He was heading straight into the second week of his only Grand Slam, in which he failed to reach the round of 16.. He’ll do it early on Monday Miomir Kecmanovic20 years and 262 days.

The El Palmar player is the twenty-second active player to reach the fourth round of the four majors.. He has now surpassed his first three commitments in major tournaments eight times, becoming the sixteenth Spaniard to reach that number and the fourth currently active. The other three are Rafael Nadal (54), Roberto Bautista (13) and Pablo Carreno (9)..

Shang entered Rod Laver Arena to play without pressure, with a brace on his right leg, but stalled. The left-hander with the gold earring and pendant never interfered with the Spaniard’s tennis. The extra hours are paid, and Carlitos arrived fresh as the champion determination begins.

A tennis player from Beijing saw his executioner’s winning shots miss. Alcaraz had never played an opponent younger than himself in his previous 200 games as a professional. Juncheng, nicknamed Jerry due to the difficulty of pronouncing his nameI paid for hazing.

The closest Shan came to world number two was 1-1 in the first two sets.. With a license at a speed of 168 kilometers per hour, the pupil of Samuel Lopez shone in the middle of the sun.

With the score 4-1 in the second round, Shan was tired of suffering and ended his agony by demanding the presence of the tournament physiotherapist. They took off the bandage and gave me a massage.

The Village People’s YMCA played over the central PA system.the fans danced, and Carlitos smiled at the naturalness of his chosen one.

The Chinese resumed the battle without bandages and without mobility. He took the white flag at 1-0 and 15-0 in the third set.

Eternal Promise

Kecmanovic, Alcaraz’s opponent in Monday’s Round of 16 after beating Tommy Paul with help from Roscoe in the tiebreaker, was called upon to support his compatriot Novak Djokovic at the top of tennis. He gets lost along the way, but manages to find himself again at the age of 24. He lost the first number one of the junior world in 2016 in the only precedent with a Murcian. This was in the quarterfinals of the Miami Masters 1000 in 2022.

“Every day I eat in a Spanish restaurant and that’s where I get my strength,” said the winner of two major titles. He was referring to Cambio de Tercio, the London food mecca owned by Rioja’s Abel Lusa, who moved to Melbourne for the two-week tournament.

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