Carlos Antonio Vélez criticized Juan Fernando Quintero for his arrival at Junior and the midfielder responded | soccer trivia

After so much uncertainty about the signing of Juan Fernando Quintero to the Junior from Barranquillaafter they did not reach a mutual economic agreement, but the shark club surprised 24 hours later to make the arrival of the steering wheel official to Arturo Reyes’ team.

Faced with this situation of much doubt about the hiring of the former River Plate player, the journalist Carlos Antonio Velez He declared his disagreement with how Juan Fernando Quintero and his representative, Rodrigo Riep, put Junior on the ropes to pressure his signing, supposedly to get a good financial cut, because Flamengo was trying to negotiate on the way.

“Now the story is different. No, yes, how expensive, it doesn’t matter. They put Junior in the middle to tighten a deal with Flamengo, who didn’t take the bait and was about to stay in limbo. Juan Fernando Quintero, a piece of advice, talk to his representative because he affected his image and almost left it at zero ”Said Carlos Antonio Vélez on his Twitter social network.

Faced with Vélez’s accusation, Juan Fernando Quintero did not remain silent and also responded harshly to the communicator, defending his representative and that at no time has anyone tried to damage his image as a footballer.

“Doctor, nobody has damaged my image. Is the hook money? It doesn’t matter, I already went for him. The important thing is that I am going to be in my country and love cannot be bought for that reason. A hug and blessings”Juan Fernando Quintero responded to Vélez.

Despite the criticism for how his signing took place, Juan Fernando Quintero will play for Junior de Barranquilla and after passing the medical exams, he will be presented as the top star of the shark club at the Metropolitano stadium, on January 15.

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