Carlos Sainz received a spectacular gift from Al Raja

Yazid Al-Rajhi’s truck, the driver of the Saudi Toyota, became a sensation ahead of the Dakar from the moment the protagonist himself showed it on social networks. There are no less than three trailers with a very large room for the pilot, another for meetings and entertaining, and a third for guests with smaller private rooms. Al-Rajhi gave him the most impressivewhere he himself stayed until the day of rest.

At the camp in Riyadh, it was surprising to see one of the three trucks parked in the Audi service park… and even more so when he got into the truck himself. Carlos Sainz.

“Yazid is a fantastic guy, a good friend of mine.. A couple of days before the rally, he told me: “Come and see what I have.” It’s like a mega luxury amazing“, explains the Madrid native.

But… how did this gem end up in Sainz’s hands? Here’s the story: “He was very joking and told me that it would be nice if I won Dakar this year. I was planning on gifting myself one of these motorhomes for next year.Sainz thought it was joke but when Al Rajhi left the race after flipping his Hilux early in the 48-hour stage, events accelerated.

Joke and “offense”

“The day he retired, he called me yesterday and said, ‘Hey, I want to keep my word, not next year, this year. Now I will leave it to you.” Sainz declined the offer… but it was counterproductive: “I told him not to tell, but “He was very offended, and I agreed for one day.”

Sainz and Al-Rajhi met yesterday on a day off, when the Saudi usually invites many drivers to one of his mansions, and there they closed the loan for the remainder of the rally. One more help for the Madrid native, who will feel more comfortable than any other rider in the camp in this second decisive week of the Dakar.

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