Carmen Villalobos dances bachata before the premiere of “Until silver separates us”

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This Tuesday, May 10, “Hasta que la plata nos separe” premiered in Telemundo at 09:00 p.m. Loyal telenovela fans were eager to see this modernized version of the 2006 hit. It is considered one of Colombia’s best productions that quickly established itself in hearts around the world.

It will hit the screens of Canal RCN in Colombia and Telemundo in the United States with the original story of Fernando Gaitán. Considered one of the most important releases starring carmen villalobos and Sebastian Martinez. Chapters full of comedy, passion and lots of fun are expected.

Till money do us part

What is “Until Death Do Us Part” about?

Carmen Villalobos plays Alejandra Maldonado and Sebastián Martínez plays Rafael Mendez. Two people from opposite worlds who meet and have an offbeat romance stemming from a car accident.

Alejandra Maldonado is an elegant woman with a lot of job success. She works as a sales manager at the Ramenautos car dealership. She is the leader of the company’s salespeople who has positioned them as a great team thanks to her personality and, of course, her talent.

On May 10, Carmen Villalobos attended several media outlets as part of the promotion of the telenovela, but As soon as he had a free moment, he decided to distract his mind by dancing bachata.

She shared her entire day in her Instagram stories, but her more than 19 million followers focused on one specific one, where the actress danced to the song “Indecent Proposal” by Romeo Santos, a very sensual and attractive song.

Watch Carmen Villalobos dancing bachata

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