Carmila and the Red Cross strengthen their strategic partnership to promote social well-being and entrepreneurship

Carmila and the Red Crosshumanitarian organization present in Spain has formalized a cooperation agreement aimed at disseminate the social principles of both organizations and pursue common goals for the benefit of Spanish society.

The cooperation between the real estate company and the company continued for several years through the transfer of space and finally became official thanks to an agreement signed President and CEO of Carmila Marie Cheval and Secretary General of the Red Cross of Asuncion Montero Fuentes.

The agreement includes as a novelty the obligation Project “Impulse Employment Awards” which supports entrepreneurs and self-employed people. An initiative that joins other promotions that both organizations carry out in Carmila shopping centers.

“We are promoting self-employment bonuses”

As part of this cooperation and as a main initiative of the agreement, Carmila supported the project “Premios Impulsa al Autoempleo” created by the Red Cross. These awards aim support entrepreneurs and self-employed people through financial assistance and dissemination of their business initiatives. In the 2023 edition, Carmila collaborated in the Consolidation category, contributing a financial award of 5,000 euros, distributed among three candidates:

● 1st most important candidate: SUPPORT in the amount of 2500 euros.
● 2nd most important candidate: SUPPORT in the amount of 1500 euros.
● Third most expensive application: assistance in the amount of 1000 euros.

This direct help from Karmila will be aimed at support for entrepreneurs with consolidated businesses, promoting circular economy and sustainable development and can be invested in concepts such as rental of premises, equipment, consumables, goods and marketing.

Activities of the Red Cross in the spaces of Karmila

The signing of the agreement also strengthens the relationship that already existed between both organizations. The Red Cross will continue its presence and activities at several locations in Carmila. An excellent bet and opportunity for a social entity that in recent years has achieved spread its activities through information campaigns and membership recruitment, volunteering, social awareness and employment-related activities.

“This collaboration represents a joint commitment between Carmila and the Red Cross to promote social well-being and the development of the entrepreneurial spirit in Spain. This action is proof of our company’s commitment to the principles of territorial protection and social justice,” he says. Fatima Alvarez-Cofiño, ESG and cross-cutting project manager at Carmila.

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