Casting Kaitlyn Dever as Abby will make the second season of The Last of Us look completely different. -The Last of Us (HBO Max)

The speculation is finally over. Like many of us in the last sessions and my last days, Kaitlyn Dever chose a role without extra advantages in the important season 2 of The Last of Us. Abby plays a huge role in Naughty Dog’s next game, which is set in Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic future, and everything that’s vital to the casting is there.

Est-ce, what happened HBO? Eh bien, je vais m’avancer et dire que oui. Quiconque a des yeux peut voir que l’Abby du jeu est très différente de Dever, ce qui peut sembler étrange à première vue, compte tenu de la semblance entre le Joël et l’Ellie du jeu vidéo et de la serie. But most of all, HBO can’t have you casting a muscular woman who’s good at comedy, and the aurait society could find another golden type in Dever.

The Last of Us (HBO Max)

Looking for reasons to be lesbian I thought this was a great casting choice and I think it’s small spoiler warning For The Last of Us Part II, just enjoy the encore or what doesn’t satisfy you with the game’s main moments of intrigue. I agree, this is crazy? I know I was with Kaitlyn Dever and couldn’t do an encore of looking for a balance beam at a golf club while crossing a human being’s faucet, and it was the best meta thing that went through with my son in the role. Abby.

Cece reports:

If you’re not a chime, consider turning down the nomination for Ellie. Even before The Last of Us became the HBO series that was in Paris, what it was most interested in was what happened in the past. That’s the most interesting thing I can say, it’s wonderful to see Ellie in children.

The Last of Us (HBO Max)

In The Last of Us: Part II, Ellie and Abby are physically adjacent. Abby is a brutish brute, capable of dealing blows to couriers with her moves and intimidation to make the author’s life easier, just by being alone and able to bend. Ellie must fight and instantly destroy in revenge. She is plus mauvaise, plus teigneuse, and toujours dûtre plus clever in her appearance. These differences in body type are obvious and we see similarities between the two main characters in The Last of Us Part II. With Kaitlyn Dever as Abby, we don’t see any similarities in the two’s revenge stories, but most of all, in the first minute, we trust Ellie and Abby’s pairing to have some sort of similarities. Peu comme une “We don’t encounter different people, toi et moi” situations, but instead of making sure everything is good, we want us to develop, and talk about the similarities between the two best people plus everything.

All this assumes that Dever is not va pas esser de prendre, who does it around 30 livres of muscle, so it’s on the pass. I think she will be fair, but most of all I thought it would be plus interesting if she didn’t do it. L’un des reproches que l’on faisait à la première saison était que, même si elle repondait aux attentes des fan, elle était – episode 3 wrong – à peu près une recréation à l’identique de l’histoire du jeu, a this means that if you’ve seen The Last of Us, you’ve left the series. Le fait que Dever soit un Abby d’un, another genre changes life. Fans of the series and the game live in infinity, car meme, if this is what he plays in The Last of Us: Part II, it seems that he is measuring the wine that passes by, and you probably have an aura of changes in the façade Don’t ces événements be dérouleront.

Cece reports:

The Last of Us (HBO Max)

The TV will make it very easy to walk past Abby’s observation deck. Nous pouvons passer de l’une à l’autre au cours d’un même épisode, tandis qu’Ellie la traque and qu’Abby entreprend son propre voyage. My concern with Dever’s casting is that a second season might improve the perception of Abby. From the public’s point of view, this will be a striking result of her golf lessons, but if we do not have an essay that would believe a certain sympathy for Abby tout au long des saisons 2 and 3, nous devrons passer un peu plus the time she debuted in plutot, which was used as a vantage point to pull a couverture into our midst of history.

Dever’s role is equally that of our assistant in this world. Encore une fois, watching Abby in the game, her physique is simply celui d’une Boss de fin de niveau. This is a powerhouse and it seems that if it does come into beauty, it will be difficult to recreate it because it is good. It offers a certain difference and apparently we have chosen a case of the fair in the variety where Abby fucks my two-dimensional character, which is similar to the debut in The Last of Us: Part II and plus a character who will deviate from the long journey in this game .

Es-tu d’accord? Comment, do you think Abby showed her story in The Last of Us Season 2? Tiens-nous au courant!

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