Castro says opponents fail to understand that Honduras will not become a narco-state again

The President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, said this Monday that his opponents are “finding it difficult to understand” that Honduras “will never again become a narco-state ruled by corrupt people and filled with prominent figures and politicians.”

His opponents are “groups that favor corruption and impunity through the laws and orders of the National Congress (Parliament)”, Castro indicated in a New Year’s message on national radio and television networks, in which he criticized some of his government’s Announced achievements in 2023 and “huge challenges” await them in 2024.

Health system reform in 2024

Pointing to the governments headed by Porfirio Lobo (2010–2014) and Juan Orlando, Castro affirmed that it is “not easy” for his administration to build on the destruction left after twelve years and seven months of dictatorship and drug trafficking. ” Used to be. Hernández (2014–2022), now of the opposition National Party.

The President highlighted his executive’s accomplishments in economic, environmental, security, and foreign affairs, such as opening diplomatic and commercial relations with China after breaking with Taiwan; Education, fight against corruption and combating drug trafficking etc.

He also highlighted that in 2023, with the aim of integrating the Central American region and international trade, the Council of Ministers approved the decree that creates the commission for the construction of an interoceanic train that will connect the Caribbean with the Pacific region .

In the health sector, Castro stressed that 2024 “will be the year in which we lay the foundation together and with determination to build an effective health system that will guarantee care for people who come looking for doctors and medicines. “

He said there was a “whole reason” that many patients complain about “degrading conditions in emergency care and lack of attention from people in the country’s 1,304 establishments and hospitals.”

He also said that he no longer accepts any justification and that people cannot “sleep under the sun and on the floor on an empty stomach, waiting for a doctor or medicine” and he ordered from today to streamline the health system. , that “all state institutions should be involved in health system reforms.”

Mobilization in the face of “threats of instability”

“I reject the current distorted administrative model that prevents or delays repairing operating rooms, equipping kitchens, repairing boilers or giving people prescriptions by arguing that they do not have the drugs. Today we have eight hospitals in the process of construction, we will promote the training of more specialist doctors nationally and internationally,” Castro said.

The President also expressed that she would fulfill her promise to “reclaim Honduras” and called on her compatriots to “remain vigilant to protect what has been legally acquired.”

Furthermore, he announced mobilization in the coming weeks “in the face of threats of instability and new disloyal attempts by conservatives and their allies in the National Congress”, which he reminded that the Parliament was “the center of legitimate corruption and drug abuse.” Of the dictatorship of medicines.

Finally, he announced that the Finance Minister, Ricci Moncada, had resigned due to political aspirations, and thanked him for the support he had given “in the organization of the state’s finances”.

Castro has already called on officials seeking elected positions in the 2025 general elections to resign. efe

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