Catala will demand that Valencia fulfill its obligations under the 2005 and 2007 agreements for the new Mestalla.

The mayor of Valencia, Maria José Catala, spoke about the new Mestalla during her visit to Almoina. He confirmed that he plans to demand Valencia comply with the requirements obligations signed with the City Council itself in agreements dated December 20, 2005 and September 3, 2007.. We are talking about a stadium with with a capacity of 70,000 spectators, carried out by highly qualified professionals, the possibility of creating an athletics track, the right to free use of the stadium by the city council, as well as the construction and financing of a new municipal sports center in the Benicalapa region..

“What we are doing now, as you all know, is following the procedure that we would follow in any administrative matter. And they tell me that we are going to ask Valencia to prove two things to us. First, fulfillment of the obligations established in the 2005 and 2007 agreement related to the construction of the new Mestalla.. And secondly, the schedule for the start and end of the work they planned. This is something we do not have, and the City Council, throughout the process and after all the steps at this time, will require Valencia to prove these circumstances. What do I want? I wanted this from the very beginning and I am the only one who has not changed in her decision, in her plan, in her road map and in her opinion. That the city council has every guarantee, absolutely every guarantee, before issuing any permits, licenses, permissions, any applications, all guarantees that the club will fulfill the demands of the city and fans. And this, of course, is my road map. Don’t give anything unless you get in return and in advance all the guarantees this city needs.” said Katala.

Regarding the external audit approved by the city planning commission, it confirmed what was proposed by Onda Cero Valencia. Currently, the city council only has a basic design to obtain a building permit, and an executive design is needed to implement it. “What we have at the moment in the Valencia City Council is a building license. This building license does not include the details of this project and therefore it is difficult for me to express my thoughts… Firstly, it is difficult for me to express my opinion and give my opinion on what seems to me to be something that has such a complex technical component and assessment of professionals. very small economic memory. That is, essentially it is a sheet of paper. And that’s why it’s difficult. What I am convinced of is that this city council and the political stance it has taken at this time is the most reliable and, above all, the most serious and strict regarding what the city needs and what the fans need. This means requiring accreditation, documents, commitments and, above all, having sufficient guarantees that all these steps are followed. When a project is submitted that is sufficiently complete to warrant a significant external audit, that audit will be conducted and that audit will be requested as proposed by the Planning Commission and at that time we will conduct the audit. That project this project must be complete enough to be audited“.

The mayor also confirmed that this Friday there will be a meeting of representatives of the press service, at which it will be decided when to meet to discuss the issue of urban planning files. “The issue of tokens, as I already told you, tomorrow I have a meeting of representatives and I think that already A meeting date will be set in the coming weeks so everyone can breathe.. Maybe they say one thing that day and another the next, but in any case I I will not stop demanding that the firm take on responsibilities with the corporation.. Let’s see if on the day of our meeting they will take into account which cards have agreement, which cards have no agreement or which cards have no agreement, or what is the position of the day…”, assured Catala.

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