Catalonia prepares guidelines to guarantee the welfare of horses during popular festivals

Department of Climate Change, Food and Agriculture of Catalonia, on recommendation Josep Subirana and the collaboration of the Catalan Federation of the Three Tombs and the animal rights organization. FAADA and the Association of Equine Veterinarians of Catalonia (AVEC) have prepared an Action Guide for the proper functioning of Three tombs and others concentrations of similar nature with equids in the region.

The document includes describe in detail the actions that need to be performed and be guaranteed at events of this type for everyone agents involved with the aim that these concentrations take place with the best possible organization and, in particular, to guarantee the welfare of all animals involved.

During the presentation of the Guide, the Director General of the Department of Agriculture and Livestock Elisenda Guillaumestated that it was an “innovative” document that had been in the works for quite some time on the recommendation of horse welfare expertJosep Subirana, who carried out extensive research and interviewed all stakeholders to compile this guide.”

“The Guide was created to enable ensure the welfare of horses and thus ensure that these cultural and traditional events, while respecting animals, are not lost over time, but rather They adapt to new times“Out of respect and commitment, we always prioritize the welfare of the animals involved,” added the Director General of Agriculture and Livestock.

The Guide covers detailed description of recommended actions and requirements during preparation and celebration to ensure the smooth development of the event. In this sense, the Director General for Environmental Policy and Environment Mark Vilahurstated that “we are moving towards a model that ensures the longevity of traditional festivalsaccompanying all agents involved so that we all adapt to the needs together animal care our society who show respect and concern for their physical and emotional well-being.”

Although the leadership that It’s voluntaryestablishes that there must be a responsible veterinarian who will be responsible for coordinating the work of other veterinarians, at a minimum there must be one veterinarian for every 50 horses, as well as the person responsible for the horses. Also optional is the organization of Tres Tombs. You can hire horse behavior experts..

“The presentation and development of this guide only strengthens the journey we began in June 2018 with entry into force of our Animal Welfare Regulations. We will continue to work to ensure that our festival becomes a great celebration of popular culture in our parades, in which muleteers are obliged to preserve and pass on our cultural heritage to future generations,” concluded the President of the Federation of the Three Tombs of Catalonia. Andreu Bernadas.

Els Tres Tombs is an event that It is celebrated in about a hundred cities in Catalonia. in the vicinity dates San Antonio Abad, patron of animals. Moreover, in Catalonia, this festival, which dates back to Roman times and has pagan origins, is accompanied by various recreational and festive events in which horses play an important role, such as parades, major festivals, etc. The activities of the Tres Tombs are regulated by Decree 83 /2012 of 17 July on the regulation of competitions and other gatherings of live animals in Catalonia.


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