CDMX: They do free HPV tests

10 days ago, Rosa went to her clinic in the town hall of Venustiano Carranza to undergo a test to detect the human papillomavirus. (HPV).

A little nervous, I went to pick up the results.

“This result is negative, fortunately it is a negative injury. At first I was a little afraid of the results, but thank God it turned out very well, it didn’t hurt, it was a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt.” Pink | Patient

If you are a woman between 21 and 61 years old, it is important to get tested to rule out HPVas it is the main cause of cervical cancer.

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Susana Ortiz, responsible for the clinics colposcopy from Mexico City indicates that this virus is silent.

“It does not cause any discomfort, it occurs when it has already developed, when it has already caused injury and when these lesions have developed into cancer. And these are the findings of cytology. That’s why we really insist that as soon as you become sexually active, you get a Pap smear.” Susana Ortiz | Head of Colposcopy Clinic, CDMX

Mexico City’s Ministry of Health currently has 60,000 tests to detect the disease.

Just as it is important to administer this type of test, it is also important to collect the results. In addition to not providing false information to your clinic.

And 30% of people who take this test do not return to find out the result.

“Unfortunately, we encountered situations that did not lead to results; it was useless to conduct research. If I’m going to do research, it’s because I want to know how I feel. Thus, in order to know this, I must complete this process, striving for my result.” Susana Ortiz | Head of Colposcopy Clinic, CDMX

Tests to detect human papillomavirus (HPV) are free and can be performed at any of Mexico City’s 233 medical centers.

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