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Celebrities who have admitted to using dating apps

The actor from ‘The Umbrella Academy’ announced on July 1 that he is looking for love. In his Instagram stories, he published a photograph looking at his cell phone with Arya Ritu. With a short text he explained that his castmate was “guiding him on my first dating app in life”.

The update on his romantic life came a year and a half after the interpreter divorced Emma Portner, who was his wife between 2018 and 2021.

The movie star has admitted on several occasions to having a profile on the Raya app, which is characterized by admitting high-status people, such as celebrities.

In February 2019, for example, he told ‘People’ magazine that:

“I’ve been (active) there for a few years, but I’m only active for a week or two. When you date someone, you’re not in it. It’s just for the moments in between when you’re very single.”

On that occasion, she even dared to assure that “many” of her companions from the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’ and her friends in Hollywood use this app.

The Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’ inspired the actress and TV presenter to look for love, after years without daring to go out on a date.

This was revealed in a January 2021 broadcast of ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’: “I went back to using dating apps while watching ‘Bridgerton’ (…) For me it was a big step.”

In 2019, the singer visited the “Busy Tonight” program and, when questioned about her romantic life, revealed that she had used an application to connect with another musician, John Mayer, but was unsuccessful.

In the middle of the conversation, her host, Busy Phillips, revealed that on the celebrity dating app, “everyone matches Matt (Matthew) Perry.”

Celebrities who found love on dating apps

David Harbor and Lily Allen

The couple married in September 2020, in a very unique wedding, as it was in Las Vegas and had fast food for the banquet.

In late June 2022, the ‘Stranger Things’ actor revealed on ‘The Late Show With James Corden’ that they met on a dating app and, after hooking up, went on a date in London.

In February of this year, the gymnast got engaged to her boyfriend of two years, footballer Jonathan Owens. Although the two were very discreet at the beginning of their relationship, in June 2021, she admitted in a video for Glamor magazine that they met thanks to one of those apps.

The actress of the series ‘This Is Us’ commented in an interview Andy Cohen in January 2021 that she met her boyfriend, Bradley Collins, on Bumble.

As she related, she opened her profile on the digital platform because “she was bored” in the midst of the confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

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