Celebrities who, like Zac Efron, have disfigured their faces and now regret it

Laura G. Calleja

The actor Zack Efron It has been on everyone’s lips for several weeks. He recently appeared in public with the totally disfigured face and set off alarm bells. Everything indicated that the actor would have retouched face.

As in the case of many other actors and actresses, the result it would not have been the expected. Zac is trying by all means to convince the public of him that he has not gone through the operating roomallegedly suffered a fall at home. Something that people have not found nothing convincing.

The actor has told his followers that he was running through his house when slipped on a pair of socks and hit his jaw hard on a granite fountain that knocked him completely unconscious.

A doctor cosmetic surgery specialist He has ventured to say: “She has filled her lips, cheekbones and also her chin with filler. Mandibular marking and nose rhinomodeling have also been done. By overfilling with all these treatments she looks even older and looks nothing like the person she was.”

We analyze other actors and actresses who also they disfigured their faces with the tweaks, some regretted it, some didn’t.

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